October 21, 2008


Its been a while since i last read people's blogs. so i started doing it again, smiling occasionally at the silly jokes my friends wrote. And then i saw it, after several blog hoppings later...


Interesting, huh? Apparently someone really hates the pjn hostel. Well, its not like we have a choice right? I mean, we can't choose the MKJB hostel instead.. Good thing i'm not staying there. My dad actually told me to stay there but obviously i refused, thinking that that hostel probably sucks anyway. (just what i heard from many ex-hostellites). I was right.

Its true though. I mean we can bring laptops, but not mobile phones. whats the difference? Okay, i better not elaborate my point of view. just in case. =D

Anyhows, i just wanna say that i'm proud of whoever opened that blog. It must have taken lotsa guts. xD or maybe none. lol. anger makes people do the craziest stuff, huh?

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