October 20, 2008

All for one and one for all

I watched the movie 'The man in the iron mask' last night. its a very touching story, eventhough its quite old. The movie was made in 1998 starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Hugh Laurie also starred in that movie, but his character was executed. xD Anyway, as u all know, its based on a real story. A legend actually... and i'm still wondering who he really is.

We 'celebrated' sharon's birthday too.. although her actual birthday is on tomorrow... The cake is custard cake. not bad at all. but i like yam one.. =D

I had a horrible dream last night. i think its coz i have a test today later and i haven't studied for it. at all. anyways i dreamt that i was gonna take that test and i totally forgot bout it. i even came late to class when everyone's halfway from finishing. i remember reading the paper and i have no idea what its talking about. like not english saja.. haha then the teacher saw me and scolded me for what i did on my paper. then i look back at it and there it was: a naruto cartoon that i 'drew' on the paper. -.-'' i was like how the hell did it get there!? worst dream ever T.T

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