October 4, 2008

It started out as a feeling

Feeling kinda lazy to blog nowadays...

There's still like, 2 more days before the school reopen and ive still got an essay to finish. Life is a bore..

Btw, PSB lost to SSM by only 1 point. dammit. i was so confident that PSB's gonna win. i saw many smsaians support SSM though. especially some of the seniors. sigh. well, i would have to wait for next year if i wanna watch them play again. The PSB's coach is damn funny though. xD u shoulda seen him during the match. lol. screaming and stuff haha..

Watched sweeney todd just now. man.. singing every few minutes. i'm actually quite dissapointed coz the blood and all the killings are so fakela.. esp when he slit the customer's throat. damn fake. also, the plot of the movie make me 'du lan' only. -.- coz everyone died in the end. sorry for the spoiler, for those of u who haven't watch it. but johnny depp's acting is perfect. as always. xD

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