October 16, 2008

What comes around goes around

Its raining cats and dogs right now. Like it has never rain before..

We had our first environmental club meeting just now in the afternoon and i'm surprised to see that quite many of the pre-u1s came. Its a good thing that there would be a Temburung trip for the members, its a good start for the club. Plus the fact that its partially subsidised by the government. not bad, not bad. But pleaseee don't let the t-shirt be white! T.T make it at least grey or something else la... xD

I heard that the warden at hostel threw a fcuking chair at my friend. i was like,'WTF?!?' when i first heard of it. And you know what the lame reason is?- the secondary students started rumours about pre-u students bringing hp to the hostel. SEKADAR. i mean, even if its true, why throw a chair? why dont the warden just throw herself at my friend. coz i believe thats what she wishes to do. ugh damn... im so ticked off. My friend wanted to complain and i totally support her. to hell with that woman who resorts to violence with students.

I actually have plans to go syeeda and zu's home. but i think i won't be going.. sorry girls.. oh yeah, kaeli too.. i Really wanna watch tumasek play against limbang players (talking bout bbl, as usual) but i have other plans.

P.S.: win the match, tumasek. muahahaha xD luub ur team!

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