October 6, 2008

A wreak

Its like 1am+ right now and i haven't zzz... as always. can't help it, i'm duing my essay. hehehee.. (innocent laugh) xD aiyah, the teacher bah. then after that do math again... haven't complete though. arrgh i don't care anymore!

Anyways, i went to bandar today. muahahaha.. walao... the traffic jam is like the worst jam ever. from my house here at lumut all the way to china ah. -.-'' okay, maybe not that far. but i think at least to danau there. so long. and i got carsick while we were still in lumut. so fast huh? xP damn... after reach telisai, its the other road which is jammed. teehee... padan muamu. =D but okay oso, coz we get to see new cars.. all those lexus, bmw the people nowadays are driving. not to mention the lengzais and etc(leng mois). =P

Continue my journey... reached bandar after 2hrs+ and another suprise. wasai.. the parking there at jaya si beh many. and its sunday. i think that is coz many ppl were rayaing and open-housing. bought myself some clothing and pumps. so happpie xD and i also bought a hair magazine. im still looking for ideas on what style i wanna cut. hmmm... anyhows, around 7pm we sent shala back to her jail at ubd then went home. reached my comfy comfy bedroom at 8pm+ xD

I hate u, monday.

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