October 8, 2008

Back to hell

I've been reading the storybook 'PS I love you' and i have to admit that it's quite good. the movie's great too. oyeah, thanx 4 lending the book to me jim. xD don prasan ah. hehehe (its better than pendragon 4 me hohoho =D).

So yeah. back to school. fuck. haha i mean, its great and all, seeing my friends again. but since we finished the syllabi, all the tests and revisions come to visit. so boring doing those things over and over again. pardon my broken english today. i'm tired...=.=

i heard that the AS students are having their exams next week. Bodidui... you guys are in deep shit. haha actually, i just wanna wish u guys all the best. xD i did plan to take AS too. but for next year's june. so kira i can relax first. Not.

went to my sis's colleague's home for her open house yesterday. she has a pretty home i must say. but i'm a loner there coz apparently, i knew no one. my sis just used me to accompany her but when we reached there.. wasai... didnt even knew i existed. how dare u.. -.-'' hope u can get married someday so i can take ur bedroom. then i modify it nice nice follow my taste. hmmph!! xD

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