October 27, 2008

you're driving me nuts

I've had a lot of PSs recently. Set 2,3 and 5. like 3 hours gone. I'm usually at the library, trying to get my fingers and toenails frostbitten. Its so cold and to make it worse, its raining everyday. Yeah, i know the exam's just round the corner but God need not add the dramatic effects for us. T.T But i do like gloomy weather, thank you very much. =)

I recently converted around 100 songs into mp3s and most of them are very nice. Lucky me! xD and oyeah, its confirmed. I'm going to temburong! yay... come on, can i get a 'whoo whoo'?? whatever. so yeah... please let it be fun. The last thing i need is a shitty holiday. -.-''

P.S.: If u keep acting that way, ure gonna lose all ur frens one day. And i can't wait for that day to arrive. YL.

Oh, and by the way, i'm finally getting my room back! YEEEEHAAW~ xP

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