September 28, 2008


Angelina Jolie drawn by Shala.

The largest kropok package I've ever seen. Its the size of an indomee box. From Indonesia. =)

This is actually a continuation from the last post below. huhuhu... The weather is nice today. xD

Late night post

Its like 3.11am and I'm here writing this post when i should be snoring.

Well.. my brilliant plan to wake up at 6am didn't go exactly as i expected. My dad woke me up at 8am. -.- hey don't blame me, i did set the alarm. But apparently i turned it off while i was half asleep and went back to sleep. Happens everyday T.T so i basically cooked lunch, showered and got ready all in an hour before leaving at 9am. xD gosh I'm good. haha

Bought some stuff and distributed some food to my cousins for raya. Have i ever mention that my family on my dad's side are mostly muslims? so yeah... Anyway, reached home at 3pm.

And as usual, went to watch bbl at night. only 1 match today. ^yawns^

BTW, i like the movie edward scissorhands by Johnny Depp. He's so adorable in that movie. awww...>.<

September 26, 2008


Someone just pissed me off. And i fcukin' hate it when somebody pisses me off.

Anyways, i can't believe i wrote what i wrote yesterday. T.T I never go berserk like that before in my posts. haha... well, at least i had fun writing it =D

I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning. T.T coz i have to cook Lunch. haha.. i know its kinda early but i have to go bandar at 9am again leh... hmm.. lets see.. cooking takes about 1.30hr and getting ready takes also about 1.30hr. cool. i can leave at exactly 9am xD

Something great happened today. Sharon asked (more like demand) me to clean her room. i was like 'No freaking way!' until... she said she'd give me 20bucks for it. And I started cleaning immediately like any good amah would. hehehe xD money has a powerful influence on me. Besides, 20bucks is expensive for cleaning a simple bedroom. Lucky!

I wanna cut my hair la.. but dunno what style would suit me. Gettin damn bored of my hair already.. =.= zzz

September 25, 2008

I want nobody but you

I'm so in love right now!! The bbl team Plaza sutera biru is so sizzlin' hottt!! Watching them play makes me fall in love. I heard that some of the players are from SKS.. the rest, no other than the team members of Tumasek. WOHOOO~ They play really well, as usual and my fav. player is.... wahahahaha secret secret... ^^ he's one of the best player i've seen so far... I LAABB UUU. ^^ huahahahaha!! I think i just cracked.. -.-'' ah well, who cares?? I'm feeling so damn hyper right now!!

Must have been the adrenaline from the game just now...=.=

(Breathes in and out slowly) fuh... haha anyhows, i'm acting way more sane than my dear friend, K___I. LOL. she won't let go of my arm. (Was actually daydreaming that my arm was someone else's -.-'') hahaha all become sot sot liao after the game xP Today is a happppie day for me =D

Anyways, i'm so addicted to this particular song from wondergirls. The title is nobody. And my heading today is part of its lyrics. Oh i love that song.. xD

P.S. : I LAAABB UU No. (Number missing) of PSB. muahahahaha (cackling away)

September 22, 2008

Stupid shit

I wanna have this piercing in my ear and I’m so craving for it now. T.T Hopefully I’ll get to do it sooner than I think. =D eheehee… I’ve been thinking about it for months actually but I didn’t do it coz something came up and bla bla… Anyway, the piercing is called an inner ‘Conch piercing’. I bet there are lots of you out there who did it already. It’s pretty common actually. The one Kaeli wanna do is also a common one which is growing with popularity nowadays. The ‘Tragus piercing'.

Inner Conch piercing

The Tragus piercing

Anyhows, this photo below is taken when Shala came back from UBD. Someone tied her up and tortured her during her stay at the hostel.

Freaky huh? Actually, this is what happens to amateurs who try to play volleyball like a pro. =P

DIY mobile stand. =D

Like whoa

Why oh why?!? T.T There's only 1 bbl match today. sigh.. apparently the other philippino team who got into a fight in thursday did not appear tonight. So the commitee claimed that their opponent won. a.k.a. tumasek team. i dunno what their team's name is but who cares, they've won. without even lifting a finger. cool huh? =D

Its too bad i wasn't there to watch the fight. I heard that these 'gangstas' even brought their parangs with them to the court and a guy got hurt. something like that lah.. sigh.. i just hope that what they did wouldn't be taken as an excuse not to have bbl matches there anymore. And whoever fight with parangs anymore?!

Recently I had a lot of funny dreams. A few nights ago i dreamt that i was smoking. In real life i never smoke. (duh!) Anyways, I was puffing away like some expert when i was suddenly like, 'WTF?! am i fcuking smoking?? SHIT!! haha... wierd dream. I had another dream just now in the afternoon (taking a nap coz there's not enough oxygen in my room) and i was a dancer together with the Kardashian sisters. haha.. damn stupid. -.-''

September 19, 2008

MI theme song

I finally watched Mission impossible 2 & 3 last night. Its pure torture really. I got so bored i had to pause the movie for breaks before continuing. National treasure is so much better. Oyeah, i watced P.S. I love you also... so kasian T.T but really meaningful.. and Gerard Butler is so hot... muahahahaha =D I didn't know the guy from supernatural (Sam and Dean's dad) stars in that movie too. He look so youthful hehee =P

Anyways, i think the next movie on my 'to-watch' list would be 'The Librarian', 1 & 2. And also this korean movie starring So-Hee from wondergirls. She's only 16! young still rupanya... XD

(Blabbering about bbl again) I still can't believe Soon Lee lost to SMSA students 2days ago. Its a great match though. You can actually see the skills they projected on the court during the match. Amazing! =D

September 15, 2008


I'm just gonna post something short today. *yawns* I've made my decision. I'm not going to school tomorrow. muahahaha... Coz its only set 2 and set 3. I've got eco in set 2 and PS in set 3... So, what's the point of going all the way to KB from Lumut just for that 50mins class??? Yeah, I know. It's not logical.

By the way, saw this in Ezzati's testpad and I couldn't resist Not taking a pic of it. lol. The girl is so cute.

These are a few of the ones taken at Maria's home.

Sheau Hui and Summer =D

Kaeli, Maria and me

Maria, me, Nicole, Jessyana and Kaeli

Its too bad Xaio Ching couldn't make it. I haven't seen her in months. I think. =P

September 14, 2008


Today's a really busy day for me lol..

i had my maths test and dude.. lemme tell u this; i'm so gonna fcuking flunk it. i didn't study for a bit. Meikei told me she didn't know how to do it too. but i think she'll do well. =D anyways, i smuggled 'The barbie and the dimaond castle' and 'The little mermaid: Ariel's beginning into maths class. Coz there's this pretty girl sitting next to me who loves barbie movies too. just like me! hehe.. Yeah.. Ain.. who else lagi haha =P she seemed excited when she saw the dvds. LOLs. so funny aa her..

Then in Eco class our teacher told us an amazing news. There's a fcuking chance that we'd be going overseas with her at the end of this year! The MOE offered educational trips for eco students this year. And if our school's chosen, we may choose to go to Canada, UK, Australia or New zealand. And the flight tickets will be partially subsidised by the government. But only the top 25 students can go. T.T have to study hard o...

Afta that, went home early.. then pongpong tarus before going to Maria's home with kaeli. jessyana, summer and my new friend, nicole =D is already there. Sheau hui came late.. XD Anyhows, we couldn't finish the food coz there's just to much to eat. =P i'll post the pix some other day.. then we just hung out in maria's bedroom. and we started playing Tarot Cards. Summer's kinda freaked out by the accuracy of the cards. lol overall it was quite cheerful hanging out with the 6 of em. happy people, they are.

And she finally showed me her bellypiercing... its totally WICKED. =D its still in the healing process though.. but still WICKED. haha

we all went home at around 5pm and i follow kaeli straight to her home. Pongpong again.. then go seria watch bbl. Man.. the philippinos are so pro in it. Illango slingers(correct ka? XP) won tonight. The SG.Liang-nians will play against SKS tomorrow. Yeah i know.. they can start packing up their bags already. lol. seriously, SKS won last year man. -.-'' Players from Tumasek will play on next tuesday. can't wait!

Continuing my story... reached home at 10.30pm after watching the bbl match.. ya i know.. early leh. I'm a good girl. Bo pean. lol. Then go pongpong- again. am now pampering myself with a Garnier mask. sigh.. what a day... ^^

September 12, 2008

If I could wish for 1 thing

The holidays are coming soon~ huhuhu.. But I still have to sit for 2 tests: maths test tomorrow and eco test on monday. T.T Noooo.....

A friend, Maria, invited me and Kaeli to her home for some steamboat feasting tomorrow. Which I think is very kind of her cause we've only ever met a few times before. But I still have no idea where she lives though.. =.=" Anyhows, I'm quite looking forward to it =D And perhaps after that we'd watch the bbl match at seria. muahahaha... I wonder who's playing tomorrow.. +_+

I bought a lot of dvds recently and most of em, I noticed, are cartoons. =D A new cartoon came out odi. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's beginning. For those of you who haven't watch it, go watch now!!! Ariel's so cute when she's still young. ^^ Another one is Barbie in The Diamond Castle. The songs there so nice man...

September 9, 2008


Dad’s birthday cake =P

My mum’s looking at the food actually lol

On the way to Chung Hwa

On arrival. Not much people yet that time.

Girls performing a Venezuela dance

My dad singing bleeding love. =P

The guy in the middle really knows how to shake his ass.

Those were all taken last Saturday. This one below is taken on Sunday.

I went to KB to enjoy my ‘Prize’ taken at Chung Hwa and I ordered this one randomly at Moi Nam. It turns out to be Delicious. Lucky me! =D

Took this one yesterday. Someone forgot to turn off the air-con and its so damn cold.

Someone drew this on my desk in the registration room. I think its really cute lol

I guess that’s about it. I always take pictures out of boredom but didn’t I wanna waste it so I hope you guys won’t mind me posting every little boring thing I saw. It’s my blog anyway.

September 5, 2008

Commenting like a stupid expert

Its amazing that there’s no maths homework for us for the last two days. That is so not Ms.Tor’s style. Lol. Anyhows, I’m glad she gave us some time off. Its really tiring when there’s homework to do everyday and even my cousin claimed that he never really see me without my maths textbook in front of me anymore. Sad, huh?

I know that Ms.Joan asked her students to do this little project in GP class for the ‘Peace day’. I saw some of em’ and I must admit some did really great! The drawings are amazing. =D Sigh.. My GP teacher’s Mr.Gavaghan by the way. Dunno how to spell it. As usual, he asks us to do the presentation once we finished copying our stuff about ‘Why study maths’ onto the OHP paper. We actually thought the presentation’s on Saturday so yeah… we’re doomed. After many quiet arguments with my fellow groupies, the 4 of us wobbled to the OHP in front and started presenting/ babbling/ stuttering/ fainting (?). As it turns out, Mr. Gavanghan thought it wasn’t all that bad and he even gave us (or Jim =P) thumbs up! Muahahaha… XP I never knew he knew how to do that. Wow…

I’ve been watching movies nowadays. =D Most of them a re Korean movies though… But I really wanna watch ‘Get smart’. I heard that it’s really funny. For the role of the main character, the guy, dunno his name, the director actually thought of asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to take that role. But obviously he can’t. The movie ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’ is kinda disappointing for me. Mainly because Adam Sandler is acting as some Israel/Iraq guy or something. Dunno eh.

Feeling kinda excited for tomorrow night. No, I’m not going on a date. I wish! Hahaha… Sigh.. I’m actually going to the hall of Chung Hwa KB for this Cantonese association thingy. It’s like they’re giving away ‘Prizes’ for the students’ hardwork in getting good grades. I barely made it though…T.T lucky me. Hopefully the performance is gonna be fun. My dad’s gonna sing on stage too. =D And nope, he’s not singing ‘Bleeding love’. He’s gonna sing some oldies. Good luck, dad! Jia you! Hehee ^^

Daddy =)

September 3, 2008

Hell of a day

Went to miri yesterday with this girl i know. Kaeli. Yeah, i haven't hung out with her since forever so we go kaikai at miri. I had to wake up at 6am to get my dad's permission. T.T

Anyway, reached miri at around 9am+ and we had our breakfast at 2020. Here, my dear friend saw the last person she ever wanted to see in this whole world. LOL we actually saw this person 3 times at 3 different locations throughout the day. Talk about fate. haha =P

Lih ping ever told me about this tattoo parlor at Parkson. Kaeli actually asked some people where the heck it really is. This girl with a huge tattoo on her leg showed us the way but leh... someone freaked out at the end so we ended up not going. -.-'' We also went to this wine shop or whatever you call it, with her parents. Its actually the first time I've ever been in one. And man.. they sell quite a variety of alcohol. But pricey, they are.

Anyways, reached home at 6pm. So damn tired. Oyeah, and i saw Angela at the custom. The last time i saw her before this was in 2006. And she lives in Seria. And now I'm not even sure if we have ever been friends before. Cause she ends the friendship so abruptly its like it never happened before. But it doesn't make any sense, does it?


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