September 14, 2008


Today's a really busy day for me lol..

i had my maths test and dude.. lemme tell u this; i'm so gonna fcuking flunk it. i didn't study for a bit. Meikei told me she didn't know how to do it too. but i think she'll do well. =D anyways, i smuggled 'The barbie and the dimaond castle' and 'The little mermaid: Ariel's beginning into maths class. Coz there's this pretty girl sitting next to me who loves barbie movies too. just like me! hehe.. Yeah.. Ain.. who else lagi haha =P she seemed excited when she saw the dvds. LOLs. so funny aa her..

Then in Eco class our teacher told us an amazing news. There's a fcuking chance that we'd be going overseas with her at the end of this year! The MOE offered educational trips for eco students this year. And if our school's chosen, we may choose to go to Canada, UK, Australia or New zealand. And the flight tickets will be partially subsidised by the government. But only the top 25 students can go. T.T have to study hard o...

Afta that, went home early.. then pongpong tarus before going to Maria's home with kaeli. jessyana, summer and my new friend, nicole =D is already there. Sheau hui came late.. XD Anyhows, we couldn't finish the food coz there's just to much to eat. =P i'll post the pix some other day.. then we just hung out in maria's bedroom. and we started playing Tarot Cards. Summer's kinda freaked out by the accuracy of the cards. lol overall it was quite cheerful hanging out with the 6 of em. happy people, they are.

And she finally showed me her bellypiercing... its totally WICKED. =D its still in the healing process though.. but still WICKED. haha

we all went home at around 5pm and i follow kaeli straight to her home. Pongpong again.. then go seria watch bbl. Man.. the philippinos are so pro in it. Illango slingers(correct ka? XP) won tonight. The SG.Liang-nians will play against SKS tomorrow. Yeah i know.. they can start packing up their bags already. lol. seriously, SKS won last year man. -.-'' Players from Tumasek will play on next tuesday. can't wait!

Continuing my story... reached home at 10.30pm after watching the bbl match.. ya i know.. early leh. I'm a good girl. Bo pean. lol. Then go pongpong- again. am now pampering myself with a Garnier mask. sigh.. what a day... ^^

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