September 28, 2008

Late night post

Its like 3.11am and I'm here writing this post when i should be snoring.

Well.. my brilliant plan to wake up at 6am didn't go exactly as i expected. My dad woke me up at 8am. -.- hey don't blame me, i did set the alarm. But apparently i turned it off while i was half asleep and went back to sleep. Happens everyday T.T so i basically cooked lunch, showered and got ready all in an hour before leaving at 9am. xD gosh I'm good. haha

Bought some stuff and distributed some food to my cousins for raya. Have i ever mention that my family on my dad's side are mostly muslims? so yeah... Anyway, reached home at 3pm.

And as usual, went to watch bbl at night. only 1 match today. ^yawns^

BTW, i like the movie edward scissorhands by Johnny Depp. He's so adorable in that movie. awww...>.<

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