September 25, 2008

I want nobody but you

I'm so in love right now!! The bbl team Plaza sutera biru is so sizzlin' hottt!! Watching them play makes me fall in love. I heard that some of the players are from SKS.. the rest, no other than the team members of Tumasek. WOHOOO~ They play really well, as usual and my fav. player is.... wahahahaha secret secret... ^^ he's one of the best player i've seen so far... I LAABB UUU. ^^ huahahahaha!! I think i just cracked.. -.-'' ah well, who cares?? I'm feeling so damn hyper right now!!

Must have been the adrenaline from the game just now...=.=

(Breathes in and out slowly) fuh... haha anyhows, i'm acting way more sane than my dear friend, K___I. LOL. she won't let go of my arm. (Was actually daydreaming that my arm was someone else's -.-'') hahaha all become sot sot liao after the game xP Today is a happppie day for me =D

Anyways, i'm so addicted to this particular song from wondergirls. The title is nobody. And my heading today is part of its lyrics. Oh i love that song.. xD

P.S. : I LAAABB UU No. (Number missing) of PSB. muahahahaha (cackling away)

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