September 22, 2008

Like whoa

Why oh why?!? T.T There's only 1 bbl match today. sigh.. apparently the other philippino team who got into a fight in thursday did not appear tonight. So the commitee claimed that their opponent won. a.k.a. tumasek team. i dunno what their team's name is but who cares, they've won. without even lifting a finger. cool huh? =D

Its too bad i wasn't there to watch the fight. I heard that these 'gangstas' even brought their parangs with them to the court and a guy got hurt. something like that lah.. sigh.. i just hope that what they did wouldn't be taken as an excuse not to have bbl matches there anymore. And whoever fight with parangs anymore?!

Recently I had a lot of funny dreams. A few nights ago i dreamt that i was smoking. In real life i never smoke. (duh!) Anyways, I was puffing away like some expert when i was suddenly like, 'WTF?! am i fcuking smoking?? SHIT!! haha... wierd dream. I had another dream just now in the afternoon (taking a nap coz there's not enough oxygen in my room) and i was a dancer together with the Kardashian sisters. haha.. damn stupid. -.-''

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