September 22, 2008

Stupid shit

I wanna have this piercing in my ear and I’m so craving for it now. T.T Hopefully I’ll get to do it sooner than I think. =D eheehee… I’ve been thinking about it for months actually but I didn’t do it coz something came up and bla bla… Anyway, the piercing is called an inner ‘Conch piercing’. I bet there are lots of you out there who did it already. It’s pretty common actually. The one Kaeli wanna do is also a common one which is growing with popularity nowadays. The ‘Tragus piercing'.

Inner Conch piercing

The Tragus piercing

Anyhows, this photo below is taken when Shala came back from UBD. Someone tied her up and tortured her during her stay at the hostel.

Freaky huh? Actually, this is what happens to amateurs who try to play volleyball like a pro. =P

DIY mobile stand. =D

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