September 3, 2008

Hell of a day

Went to miri yesterday with this girl i know. Kaeli. Yeah, i haven't hung out with her since forever so we go kaikai at miri. I had to wake up at 6am to get my dad's permission. T.T

Anyway, reached miri at around 9am+ and we had our breakfast at 2020. Here, my dear friend saw the last person she ever wanted to see in this whole world. LOL we actually saw this person 3 times at 3 different locations throughout the day. Talk about fate. haha =P

Lih ping ever told me about this tattoo parlor at Parkson. Kaeli actually asked some people where the heck it really is. This girl with a huge tattoo on her leg showed us the way but leh... someone freaked out at the end so we ended up not going. -.-'' We also went to this wine shop or whatever you call it, with her parents. Its actually the first time I've ever been in one. And man.. they sell quite a variety of alcohol. But pricey, they are.

Anyways, reached home at 6pm. So damn tired. Oyeah, and i saw Angela at the custom. The last time i saw her before this was in 2006. And she lives in Seria. And now I'm not even sure if we have ever been friends before. Cause she ends the friendship so abruptly its like it never happened before. But it doesn't make any sense, does it?

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