September 9, 2008


Dad’s birthday cake =P

My mum’s looking at the food actually lol

On the way to Chung Hwa

On arrival. Not much people yet that time.

Girls performing a Venezuela dance

My dad singing bleeding love. =P

The guy in the middle really knows how to shake his ass.

Those were all taken last Saturday. This one below is taken on Sunday.

I went to KB to enjoy my ‘Prize’ taken at Chung Hwa and I ordered this one randomly at Moi Nam. It turns out to be Delicious. Lucky me! =D

Took this one yesterday. Someone forgot to turn off the air-con and its so damn cold.

Someone drew this on my desk in the registration room. I think its really cute lol

I guess that’s about it. I always take pictures out of boredom but didn’t I wanna waste it so I hope you guys won’t mind me posting every little boring thing I saw. It’s my blog anyway.

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