September 26, 2008


Someone just pissed me off. And i fcukin' hate it when somebody pisses me off.

Anyways, i can't believe i wrote what i wrote yesterday. T.T I never go berserk like that before in my posts. haha... well, at least i had fun writing it =D

I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow morning. T.T coz i have to cook Lunch. haha.. i know its kinda early but i have to go bandar at 9am again leh... hmm.. lets see.. cooking takes about 1.30hr and getting ready takes also about 1.30hr. cool. i can leave at exactly 9am xD

Something great happened today. Sharon asked (more like demand) me to clean her room. i was like 'No freaking way!' until... she said she'd give me 20bucks for it. And I started cleaning immediately like any good amah would. hehehe xD money has a powerful influence on me. Besides, 20bucks is expensive for cleaning a simple bedroom. Lucky!

I wanna cut my hair la.. but dunno what style would suit me. Gettin damn bored of my hair already.. =.= zzz

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