September 5, 2008

Commenting like a stupid expert

Its amazing that there’s no maths homework for us for the last two days. That is so not Ms.Tor’s style. Lol. Anyhows, I’m glad she gave us some time off. Its really tiring when there’s homework to do everyday and even my cousin claimed that he never really see me without my maths textbook in front of me anymore. Sad, huh?

I know that Ms.Joan asked her students to do this little project in GP class for the ‘Peace day’. I saw some of em’ and I must admit some did really great! The drawings are amazing. =D Sigh.. My GP teacher’s Mr.Gavaghan by the way. Dunno how to spell it. As usual, he asks us to do the presentation once we finished copying our stuff about ‘Why study maths’ onto the OHP paper. We actually thought the presentation’s on Saturday so yeah… we’re doomed. After many quiet arguments with my fellow groupies, the 4 of us wobbled to the OHP in front and started presenting/ babbling/ stuttering/ fainting (?). As it turns out, Mr. Gavanghan thought it wasn’t all that bad and he even gave us (or Jim =P) thumbs up! Muahahaha… XP I never knew he knew how to do that. Wow…

I’ve been watching movies nowadays. =D Most of them a re Korean movies though… But I really wanna watch ‘Get smart’. I heard that it’s really funny. For the role of the main character, the guy, dunno his name, the director actually thought of asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to take that role. But obviously he can’t. The movie ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’ is kinda disappointing for me. Mainly because Adam Sandler is acting as some Israel/Iraq guy or something. Dunno eh.

Feeling kinda excited for tomorrow night. No, I’m not going on a date. I wish! Hahaha… Sigh.. I’m actually going to the hall of Chung Hwa KB for this Cantonese association thingy. It’s like they’re giving away ‘Prizes’ for the students’ hardwork in getting good grades. I barely made it though…T.T lucky me. Hopefully the performance is gonna be fun. My dad’s gonna sing on stage too. =D And nope, he’s not singing ‘Bleeding love’. He’s gonna sing some oldies. Good luck, dad! Jia you! Hehee ^^

Daddy =)

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