September 19, 2008

MI theme song

I finally watched Mission impossible 2 & 3 last night. Its pure torture really. I got so bored i had to pause the movie for breaks before continuing. National treasure is so much better. Oyeah, i watced P.S. I love you also... so kasian T.T but really meaningful.. and Gerard Butler is so hot... muahahahaha =D I didn't know the guy from supernatural (Sam and Dean's dad) stars in that movie too. He look so youthful hehee =P

Anyways, i think the next movie on my 'to-watch' list would be 'The Librarian', 1 & 2. And also this korean movie starring So-Hee from wondergirls. She's only 16! young still rupanya... XD

(Blabbering about bbl again) I still can't believe Soon Lee lost to SMSA students 2days ago. Its a great match though. You can actually see the skills they projected on the court during the match. Amazing! =D

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