January 27, 2012

MUA eye shadow: Day and Night

Shala bought tons of MUA eye shadows last year and I only kept one of em in my drawers. I never bother to use it because it looks grey and honestly I don't like using grey shades on my eyes. Finally took it out last night to try and I was totally taken aback by it! I love it now and felt guilty for not taking it out to use earlier wtf

MUA eye shadow in Shade 12
It looks like a metallic grey color with maybe a little bit of brown in it but when I swatch it, it came out like this:

MUA eye shadow in Shade 12 swatch

It came out more like a purplish brown and I have nothing like this shade so I'm very glad I picked this color out of around 20 of these MUA eye shadows!
I played around with the shade and ended up with a night look and a day look. Plus it's CNY which means I have an excuse to use makeup day and night!! :p

Night time makeup 

 Used the eyshadow on my lids and a burgundy eye shadow on the outer v.
Somehow the eye shadow looks greyish here!

Day time makeup

Used the MUA eye shadow on the outer corner and a lighter shade in the inner corner. 2 eye shadows only because I lazyy

The only problem I have with this eye shadow is that it doesn't blend as easily as my other eye shadows. But it's good for packing on colors because it's super pigmented! Plus only GPB 1!! That's like BND$2 wtf so cheap!! Y U NO sell here in Brunei?!?!

 Never underestimate the power of a $2 eye shadow! :p

January 22, 2012

Eau De Parfum: Calvin Klein Beauty

If given the chance, would you go for a designer perfume or a celebrity's? I have a friend who is very much into fragrances, especially celebrity ones and once she even told me that her mom would fly her off to Singapore just to buy celebrity fragrances for her if she did well in her exams! Talk about motivation! haha I don't have much of a preference as long as they smell good. I mean, that's the point of buying perfumes in the first place, right?!

Calvin Klein Beauty EDP (100ml)

I was approached by an online perfume store from Singapore, PerfumeStore.sg, which is also Singapore's largest online perfume retailer to do a review on one of their fragrances and I chose Calvin Klein's Beauty EDP.

I was pretty skeptical because I didn't know how it smelled. I was thinking, "What if it didn't smell good? What if it's not to my liking? What if it's too strong?" Little did I know I have nothing to worry about because the second I have it in my hands I spritzed it and lemme tell you this.
It. Smells. Won. Der. Ful.!!

Calvin Klein Beauty EDP (100ml)

I wore this fragrance for a week to class to test it out and even received compliments from my friends! :D One of them said it smelled 'really smooth' and 'not too soft or too strong'. If there is one word I would use to describe this scent is that it's sophisticated. It's perfect for use in times when you're going out with friends or going on a date. You know, times where you have to dress up. It stays on for a good amount of time too! Up to more than 4 hours definitely. If you wanna know, the notes in this fragrance are Lily, Absolute Ambrette Seeds, Jasmine and Cedar-wood. I can definitely smell Jasmine.

Calvin Klein Beauty EDP (100ml)

The design of the bottle is surprisingly really simple! When I look at the bottle it surprises me how much different it seems in comparison to the scent of the perfume! I love how Sephora describes the bottle:

"Beautifully feminine, its curvaceous bottle rests upon a luxurious glass heel, suspending the fragrance inside a luminous sphere. A metallic silver ring embraces the glass bottle, expressing sophistication, glamor and confidence."

The perfume arrived just 6 days after it was dispatched! Plus it was a registered mail so it comes with a tracking number where the status of my order can be easily checked at Singpost. Most importantly, PerfumeStore.sg sells their fragrances for a far cheaper rate than stores in Brunei! I did a little research and found out the prices of Calvin Klein Beauty in a couple of stores here in Brunei.

Calvin Klein Beauty EDP (100ml)
Winmark: BND$130
Paloma: BND$155
PerfumeStore.sg: BND$85!! (You save BND$45, 35% off)

But of course, for shipping you would have to add an extra BND$10++ but that would still be cheaper than buying them here locally! More good news: PerfumeStore.sg is having a Chinese New Year Promotion!

Discounts up to 75%!

Their latest deals

PerfumeStore.sg Chinese New Year promotion!

These are some of the special deals that they are having currently on their website. Go check 'em out here!

You can also visit their Facebook page HERE!

P.S.: As stated in their website, all of their products are originals. No knockoffs, copies or expired merchandises. :) They also ship internationally!

Calvin Klein Beauty EDP (100ml)

Disclaimer: The product is sent to me for review consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

January 19, 2012

Costume jewelry: Shells and beads

When pairing jewelry have you ever been told that it's never best to pair chunky necklaces with big earrings and one too many bracelets? Even Fashion Police on E! will use the words "There's just too much going on there." to describe an artist's outfit. Just how much is too much? Luckily for me I've never had much of a problem pairing jewelry for my outfit because I keep it simple. Because I am plain Jane wtf

I wanted to write about this because last week I received this cute necklace from Kenny and decided to wear it out to dinner at KB with my family. Then I thought maybe I could share how I usually wear big pieces like this when I go out. I love fashion but when it comes to actually wearing anything fashionable, I tend to stick to the basics. Sadly.

I like how the necklace contrast with the dark green shirt!

The chain is made of broken seashells and beads!

Paired the necklace with faux diamond studs

Pieces like these are really versatile and you can pair them with almost anything in your wardrobe to dress up your outfit! I paired mine with a long-sleeved green T and a pair of skinny jeans and I'm good to go.

Me and Shala before heading out

Dinner with the family at Excapade Sushi

It'd be interesting to know what you guys would pair these kinda costume jewelry with! :D

January 15, 2012

Skin79 Sea Weed Cooling Mask

Shala won the Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask when she guessed right the color of the new Vital Orange BB Cream but being the kind lady that she is (ass-kissing), she gave it to me knowing that I will get more use out of it compared to her. Truthfully I have never seen her around the house using any beauty facial mask lol

Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask

From the packaging:

"This moisture supplying mask full of as cool moisture as it was dipped from the ocean, is fit for those who have brittle, sensitive and thin skin. With Fucus vesiculous extract containing minerals and Allantoin in addition to Aloe extract, which is prominent in skin soothing effect, this gel type content promptly has soothing and moisturizing effect on skin as well as maintains the skin healthy by providing freshness and sufficient moisture."

The mask must be really moisturizing for them to find it relevant to mention that it's moisturizing THREE TIMES!

Product looks yummy...

Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask

I love how it came with a cute plastic spoon for scooping the product out! It has a really gel-ish texture and true enough it is cold to the skin. It is on days that are really scorching hot that I like to whip this product out and just slab them on my face for that cooling effect. I'm not sure how often we are supposed to use this but I normally use 'em once a week.

Me ready for my weekly cooling mask session wtf


"After cleansing and apply a thick layer of mask to the skin avoiding eye and lip area. Rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water."

I normally use around 2-3 full scoops

Ahh... bliss.

After spreading the mask evenly on the face, wait happily for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water!

3 full scoops might be too much for you guys. After all, my face isn't exactly tiny... haha The texture of the product makes spreading it out really easy and it's also super convenient to use! Totally perfect for those hot days because of how 'cool' the product is and how soothing it is for your skin.

However I do consider this product a 'luxury item' because you don't need this in your life per se. Though I have to say it's definitely a good investment for those who like to pamper themselves every once in a while. ;)

The Skin79 Sea Weed Cooling Mask retails for BND$35.90. Skin79 is having a sale now though, till the end of the month so if you purchase now you will get 30% off! Awesome.

January 12, 2012

The Suicide Hair Roll

When I first saw Karmin's cover of 'Look at me now' by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne, all I remembered thinking was: Damn... that voice!... Damn... that HAIR!!

If you don't already know, Karmin is a band. More like a music duo really, of two awesome people; Amy and Nick. And most of the time you will be able to spot Amy wearing the Suicide Roll which looks really pin-up-ish and extremely cute on her! Her being super gorgeous helped too, of course. :p

Amy from Karmin (source)

She posted up a tutorial on youtube as well explaining to us the step-by-step for this hair style!
Here's the video:

I tried it out coz when I watched it she made it seems so easy! Took me a good 4-5 tries and much frustration and swearing later I managed to make it look at least 1/100 similar to hers wtf

I tried it out that night after Christmas last year. Read about it here.

What I noticed was that she meant it when she said you need a lot of hair spray. And also a lot of hair lol My hair is very fine so it's definitely a lot harder to make it look as voluminous as hers did! Even after teasing it doesn't really work fml

Try this out if you haven't already! It's a ton of fun especially since you can basically wear this on an everyday basis if you want to. It's not too much and it's not boring!

January 10, 2012

Moving back to the dorm

I just moved back in to the hostel yesterday morning and decided to write up a blog post last night. So I carried my laptop and stuff from the second floor (My dorm room's on the second floor btw) to the resource room on the ground floor. The air-conditioner didn't seem to be working but obviously I can't do anything about that so I plugged in my laptop and...

The internet is effed up. Again!

Geez guys. Do something about your wifi. I mean, come on! How to be in the Top 50 Universities in Asia when your wifi isn't even working wtf

I had to set my alarm last night in order to wake up early in the morning to shower and walk to the library just to update my blog. Guess where I am now?

Ahh... the things that I do for my blog. :p

Anyways, I decided to spruce up my room this semester. Last semester I printed motivational quotes and stuck 'em all over my room. Things like "Enjoy life." and "Dare to be different." This semester however I used this:

Definitely makes the room less dull! I shall put up more of these next week. ;)

Also went to Giant yesterday as Jessie wanted to get some groceries. Was surprised to find this in Giant!

Circle lenses!

They sold mostly Geo lens, both the normal 14mm and 15mm ones. There are various series that they are selling and I also noticed that they are selling lens with degrees! How bout that?! Some of them are BND$18 and some are BND$10, depending on the brand and I'm assuming these are authentic because they look exactly like those that I bought before. And they also have these 'Authentic stickers'.

I think these were also by Geo. The Mimi Cafe Series.

Geo Mimi Cafe Series in Macchiato. I think they are 15mm wide.

Click to enlarge!

I can't wait to try those out! I'll do a review. Maybe. :)

January 5, 2012

Sleek makeup palette: Bad Girl

So when Shala came back to Brunei after finishing her studies overseas she shipped back all her stuff as well. There was a crap lot of things and it was chaos when the shipping company dropped by our house and dropped off 9 boxes of miscellaneous things. The first thing that I looked for was of course her makeup goodies which in the end I found was wrapped hastily between layers of bubble-wrap. #win

I was a kid again. It felt like Christmas. Almost.

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

The Bad Girl palette was one of the makeup stuff that I found and I remembered being curious about this palette when it first came out.

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

I love how Sleek makeup is one of the brands which have super affordable prices and pretty decent quality! I mean, look at this!

sho pigmented!

I guess the only downside is that the shadows are pretty soft. Shala sent me two of these palettes before and in each of them, at least 2-3 eyeshadows broke. :'( Bad Girl consists of more blue-ish and grey-ish shades which are perfect for creating a smoky eye whilst I remembered the Good Girl palette has a lot of pink shades! If I were to choose I'd get the Bad Girl because there are more varieties of shades to use.

Sleek makeup palette: Good Girl. They all look the same wtf

My version of a smoky eye using the Bad Girl palette

Close up

On my lips are Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach!


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