January 27, 2012

MUA eye shadow: Day and Night

Shala bought tons of MUA eye shadows last year and I only kept one of em in my drawers. I never bother to use it because it looks grey and honestly I don't like using grey shades on my eyes. Finally took it out last night to try and I was totally taken aback by it! I love it now and felt guilty for not taking it out to use earlier wtf

MUA eye shadow in Shade 12
It looks like a metallic grey color with maybe a little bit of brown in it but when I swatch it, it came out like this:

MUA eye shadow in Shade 12 swatch

It came out more like a purplish brown and I have nothing like this shade so I'm very glad I picked this color out of around 20 of these MUA eye shadows!
I played around with the shade and ended up with a night look and a day look. Plus it's CNY which means I have an excuse to use makeup day and night!! :p

Night time makeup 

 Used the eyshadow on my lids and a burgundy eye shadow on the outer v.
Somehow the eye shadow looks greyish here!

Day time makeup

Used the MUA eye shadow on the outer corner and a lighter shade in the inner corner. 2 eye shadows only because I lazyy

The only problem I have with this eye shadow is that it doesn't blend as easily as my other eye shadows. But it's good for packing on colors because it's super pigmented! Plus only GPB 1!! That's like BND$2 wtf so cheap!! Y U NO sell here in Brunei?!?!

 Never underestimate the power of a $2 eye shadow! :p


  1. MUA has awesome reviews! I seriously want to buy it through my friend who lives in UK! heee. love the color on you :D


  2. Yeah they're pretty amazing for only $2! You should definitely ask your friends to get them for you haha thanks!



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