January 15, 2012

Skin79 Sea Weed Cooling Mask

Shala won the Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask when she guessed right the color of the new Vital Orange BB Cream but being the kind lady that she is (ass-kissing), she gave it to me knowing that I will get more use out of it compared to her. Truthfully I have never seen her around the house using any beauty facial mask lol

Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask

From the packaging:

"This moisture supplying mask full of as cool moisture as it was dipped from the ocean, is fit for those who have brittle, sensitive and thin skin. With Fucus vesiculous extract containing minerals and Allantoin in addition to Aloe extract, which is prominent in skin soothing effect, this gel type content promptly has soothing and moisturizing effect on skin as well as maintains the skin healthy by providing freshness and sufficient moisture."

The mask must be really moisturizing for them to find it relevant to mention that it's moisturizing THREE TIMES!

Product looks yummy...

Skin79's Sea Weed Cooling Mask

I love how it came with a cute plastic spoon for scooping the product out! It has a really gel-ish texture and true enough it is cold to the skin. It is on days that are really scorching hot that I like to whip this product out and just slab them on my face for that cooling effect. I'm not sure how often we are supposed to use this but I normally use 'em once a week.

Me ready for my weekly cooling mask session wtf


"After cleansing and apply a thick layer of mask to the skin avoiding eye and lip area. Rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water."

I normally use around 2-3 full scoops

Ahh... bliss.

After spreading the mask evenly on the face, wait happily for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water!

3 full scoops might be too much for you guys. After all, my face isn't exactly tiny... haha The texture of the product makes spreading it out really easy and it's also super convenient to use! Totally perfect for those hot days because of how 'cool' the product is and how soothing it is for your skin.

However I do consider this product a 'luxury item' because you don't need this in your life per se. Though I have to say it's definitely a good investment for those who like to pamper themselves every once in a while. ;)

The Skin79 Sea Weed Cooling Mask retails for BND$35.90. Skin79 is having a sale now though, till the end of the month so if you purchase now you will get 30% off! Awesome.


  1. I've been on the lookout for cooling stuff to put on my face. Especially now that the Monsoon season is over, the heat and humidity just gets to me! Thanks for this review. Helps a lot!


  2. Glad I could help! Yah I know what you mean, especially when we live near the equator it's unbearably hot most of the time!



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