January 5, 2012

Sleek makeup palette: Bad Girl

So when Shala came back to Brunei after finishing her studies overseas she shipped back all her stuff as well. There was a crap lot of things and it was chaos when the shipping company dropped by our house and dropped off 9 boxes of miscellaneous things. The first thing that I looked for was of course her makeup goodies which in the end I found was wrapped hastily between layers of bubble-wrap. #win

I was a kid again. It felt like Christmas. Almost.

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

The Bad Girl palette was one of the makeup stuff that I found and I remembered being curious about this palette when it first came out.

Sleek makeup palette in Bad Girl

I love how Sleek makeup is one of the brands which have super affordable prices and pretty decent quality! I mean, look at this!

sho pigmented!

I guess the only downside is that the shadows are pretty soft. Shala sent me two of these palettes before and in each of them, at least 2-3 eyeshadows broke. :'( Bad Girl consists of more blue-ish and grey-ish shades which are perfect for creating a smoky eye whilst I remembered the Good Girl palette has a lot of pink shades! If I were to choose I'd get the Bad Girl because there are more varieties of shades to use.

Sleek makeup palette: Good Girl. They all look the same wtf

My version of a smoky eye using the Bad Girl palette

Close up

On my lips are Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach!



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