December 28, 2009

Too little too late

Let me get this straight.


I'm so sad I could die laughing... Okay, that sounded wrong but you get the gist.

3 more days before 2010 comes knocking on my window. What should I do?!? I think I should at least have a plan or something, maybe a New Year's resolution. Even though it never works...

Shely's New Year resolutions:

1) Get my driving lessons within the next 10 years. (That's sad.)

2) Own at least 10 different blushers.

3) Curl my hair at least twice.

4) Get in to UBD and go to UK in the third year. (Pleasseeee I want this!!)

5) Get a blackberry tour (Impossible)

6) Buy a blackberry casing (roughly USD 100) through luxaddiction.com after getting my blackberry. -.-"

7) Meet a vampire (If possible, I want it to be Eric Northman... Sigh... hehehe)

If you guys don't know, he's Alexander Skarsgard from the HBO series True Blood...

Okay I'll just let the pictures do their job:

Here's a scene from True blood when they're moving in on Lafayette, this guy whom they captured coz he's selling vampire blood. Lucky, lucky guy HAHAHA :P Anyway, look at that guy on the right! LOL

If you still have no idea who he is, you suck. Hahaha... He also stars in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi music video.

For those of you who watch True blood, I actually preferred him with Sookie instead of Bill. I think it's coz Bill seems kinda boring... at least to me, anyways.

The V-M Party will be on this saturday. Time really does fly... it only felt like yesterday when me and my friends were sitting on the P.S. area in school, talking about how much fun we're gonna have and what we're supposed to wear. Oh well, it was but a couple of months ago. Thank God Sharon got me the lower lashes before the party. =P Thanks!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to head to the city this Sunday. It's about time too. Been two long weeks since I last went for any shopping. It's like I'm suffering from the withdrawal symptoms which include nightmares, intense sweating, hyperventilating and the sudden urge to pee. Life sucks.

I wanted to watch this:

But then again, this seems pretty good too:

So which should it be? Give me a verdict. =/

Okay, I think I should stop the 'rambling' (as my cousin calls it. I call it blogging. =.=") for today. See ya!


Nice leh... Nyeh heh heh heh xDD

Much Love, Shely

December 21, 2009

Only the fourth

Omg it's almost nearing the end of the month and I've only written four posts on my blog! What is happening to me?!?!

This is just gonna be more like a picture type of post.

My Essence of Beauty brushes finally arrived!! BND 55 total.

Trying out the brushes. What Shala said is quite true, it's pretty bulky and it definitely suits those with bigger eyes.

Got this basket from Soon Lee. Great idea right??! BND 1.50 only~

Bro bought this off e-bay. Costs about USD 5 only but with the shipping and stuff, all totaled to BND 15! =.="

Okay, don't ask me coz I have no idea what happened to it too! It just broke. =( P.S.: Yes, that's a mascara.)

Gonna get rid of this soon... replacing it with...

THIS!! Yay... xD

What I'm watching at the mo on youtube...

Went to Miri too yesterday and took some pictures... I love camwhoring. :D

Shala took this while I came out of a shop:

Can you spot me? xD


Had no idea I was smiling so stupidly haha! :D What to do... happy bah!

Okayy.. so out of focus. Let's try again:


This is how I looked like when we started shopping...

Me and Shala

4 hours later:

I'm still smiling haha

Another 5 hours later:

Fuck you.


Here's my bro getting caught in the act doing God knows what:

Last but not least:

Happy holidays and merry christmas to all!! :)

Much Love, Shely

December 15, 2009


Okay I'm only looking forward to Friday as it will be a public holiday!! Means more time for me to laze around at home or spend more time with my family, of course! (yea right)

Yes it's almost been a week since I last updated! I know, I'm totally awesome.

I signed up for yousaytoo.com about a month ago and I placed my blog under the catagory 'fun & entertainment', which sounded nothing like my blog. I wonder if I could change the catagory or something... hm...

Anyways, my Sigma brushes has already been ordered and will probably arrive in January 2010! Whoopie!! Please let me just post a picture of the brushes for one last effing time!!! Thank you. :D

There ya go... Teeheehee I'm happy just by staring at 'em.

Meanwhile, my Essence of Beauty brushes have arrived and Imma go get 'em this weekend. Hopefully.

I went to visit Francesca at Face shop last week and I'm so jealous of her!! Francesca I hate u!!! xDD Working at a cosmetics shop is like heaven. Imagine having a job doing what you love... everyday!! Freakin' AWESOME!!

Sometimes mine makes me feel trapped. And I need my freedom.

I still haven't watch New moon!! Felt so out-of-date with the latest movies. Not to mention 'A christmas carol' and 'Princess and the frog'... =/ Got a lot of catching up to do! Plus, I haven't talked or met with my friends for 3 weeks now. So sad. =(

This better be good coz I kinda have high hopes for this one!

This will definitely be good coz I trust Disney and of course, Jim Carrey, to do a great job. :P

The classic story with a modern twist. Can't wait to watch this too!!

Much Love, Shely

December 8, 2009

Good to be back

Hey people!! I really wanna know what my friends are up to these days because I've been MIA alot nowadays. So how you been doing??

If you read my earlier post, I mentioned that I ordered some Essence of Beauty brushes. The person who ordered it for me told me that it will arrive on the last week of November. It's already the 8th of December dude... Ah well, at least there's still time to save some $$!

After a lil' over one week, I finally got to go on a lunch date with a colleague. Apparently we have the same lunch time. Haha I didn't even notice that! Went to Wing Soon restaurant a.g.a.i.n. I feel like there's gonna be at least a hundred more trips to that restaurant as long as I'm still working in that company.

Before that I either ate alone or with my sister. When I said alone, I mean it.

Yeah, alone as in only me in the entire fast food restaurant.

My humble lunch. (I was broke.)

Last Sunday I was able to spend some precious time with my dad, bro and Shala and we went to watch 2012! Finally, I know. Haha well, at least I watched it! I asked my dad to rank it and he gave it a whooping 9/10. Generous much, dad? :D I'd give it a 7/10. The effects were pretty good!


After that we had steamboat for lunch. It was alright for me but the waitresses looked at us weird and we found out that it was because it was 30 minutes before closing and they wanted to get off work ASAP. I don't blame them though.

Oh oh! The other day I was making lunch at home and look what I found:

Twins!!! Haha :P

I've also started watching True Blood. Bought the DVD the other day and so far I've only watched 1 episode and I noticed that it is very different with the one I watch on TV! LOL The TV version censored sex scenes. Doh. Good thing they did coz my lil' bro loves watching it HAHA xD He thought it was just a regular innocent TV series. Anyway who cares what he thinks?!?!? :P

Speaking of my lil bro, he bought this recently:

Yeah, the WORLD'S softest clay. =.="

My bro's version.

My version. HAHAHA xD

Much Love, Shely

December 3, 2009

My precious

You know what?

I'm not gonna write anything manly at all. Yes, go ahead and talk bad about me. Instead, let me just say something about life today. My life, of course. =)

Before I started working, I've always been rambling about how much I wanted to work coz it'd give me the income I need during the holidays so that I could shop, shop and shop. I wanted to work so much it's ridiculous. And now that I even think of it, I probably won't even have the time to shop since I'm always working. Hell, I won't even have time to properly do anything outside the office.

Suddenly, time is precious.

We all wish we could turn back time. It would be nice to start over again.

I used to lay in bed in the afternoons thinking of what I should do. Life. Is. Good. But that was then. As I've mentioned before, I start my work at 8am and finishes at 5pm. Now, I reach home after work at 6pm plus and I need the time to rest for a little while, have my shower and eat my dinner.

One look at the clock tells me that it is already 8pm.

Then there's bed at 10pm. I gotta sleep at 10pm or I'll collapse at work the next day. I need the sleep so any less and I'll go CRAZY.

Which means I only have 2 hours of freedom everyday whenever I work. From 8pm to 10pm.

That's quite a change from the life I had before I started working. Which is the reason why I want to further my studies if possible. I wanna postpone that working 'life' as far as possible.

Oh well, there's that. Here's some pictures for you which I found on Facebook. Sorry no links. =/

Modern style of walking the dog. LOL

Much Love, Shely

November 30, 2009

First day of work

Heyy people. Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm but my first day of work just sucked the life out of me.


There's a lot of things that I don't understand. Heck, I don't even know how the phone works there. Luckily I wasn't expected to pick up phone calls today. Coz I sure as hell won't know what to do or say. Like, "Hello?? Help me!!" I really wish I could say that to whomever calls.

Everyone's pretty busy, considering that the holidays are already upon us. Which is why I should work harder as they won't have time to really teach me these things coz they're busy themselves.

Have I told you? I'm working in a travel agency.

Oh yeah, I had Sushi. Again. But it was fun while it lasted. =P Then Sharon picked me up and we went to James's house and I tried out his massage chair. It felt pretty good! But it makes me sleepy and I vaguely remember Sharon chatting away to herself in the car while I snoozed.

And guess what? Sharon found a strand of white hair on my head! Like wtf man... It goes from yellow (bleached hair) from the tip to brown (my natural colour) to white!! Most likely to start growing from the past 2 months. A'level. And now this!! I think work is more stressful than studying.

Because I'm constantly under stress the whole day.

And now I'm tired.


Spartans get tired too, don't they? Well I guess this spartan has had enough for today. Till next time people.

Much Love, Shely


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