December 15, 2009


Okay I'm only looking forward to Friday as it will be a public holiday!! Means more time for me to laze around at home or spend more time with my family, of course! (yea right)

Yes it's almost been a week since I last updated! I know, I'm totally awesome.

I signed up for yousaytoo.com about a month ago and I placed my blog under the catagory 'fun & entertainment', which sounded nothing like my blog. I wonder if I could change the catagory or something... hm...

Anyways, my Sigma brushes has already been ordered and will probably arrive in January 2010! Whoopie!! Please let me just post a picture of the brushes for one last effing time!!! Thank you. :D

There ya go... Teeheehee I'm happy just by staring at 'em.

Meanwhile, my Essence of Beauty brushes have arrived and Imma go get 'em this weekend. Hopefully.

I went to visit Francesca at Face shop last week and I'm so jealous of her!! Francesca I hate u!!! xDD Working at a cosmetics shop is like heaven. Imagine having a job doing what you love... everyday!! Freakin' AWESOME!!

Sometimes mine makes me feel trapped. And I need my freedom.

I still haven't watch New moon!! Felt so out-of-date with the latest movies. Not to mention 'A christmas carol' and 'Princess and the frog'... =/ Got a lot of catching up to do! Plus, I haven't talked or met with my friends for 3 weeks now. So sad. =(

This better be good coz I kinda have high hopes for this one!

This will definitely be good coz I trust Disney and of course, Jim Carrey, to do a great job. :P

The classic story with a modern twist. Can't wait to watch this too!!

Much Love, Shely

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