December 21, 2009

Only the fourth

Omg it's almost nearing the end of the month and I've only written four posts on my blog! What is happening to me?!?!

This is just gonna be more like a picture type of post.

My Essence of Beauty brushes finally arrived!! BND 55 total.

Trying out the brushes. What Shala said is quite true, it's pretty bulky and it definitely suits those with bigger eyes.

Got this basket from Soon Lee. Great idea right??! BND 1.50 only~

Bro bought this off e-bay. Costs about USD 5 only but with the shipping and stuff, all totaled to BND 15! =.="

Okay, don't ask me coz I have no idea what happened to it too! It just broke. =( P.S.: Yes, that's a mascara.)

Gonna get rid of this soon... replacing it with...

THIS!! Yay... xD

What I'm watching at the mo on youtube...

Went to Miri too yesterday and took some pictures... I love camwhoring. :D

Shala took this while I came out of a shop:

Can you spot me? xD


Had no idea I was smiling so stupidly haha! :D What to do... happy bah!

Okayy.. so out of focus. Let's try again:


This is how I looked like when we started shopping...

Me and Shala

4 hours later:

I'm still smiling haha

Another 5 hours later:

Fuck you.


Here's my bro getting caught in the act doing God knows what:

Last but not least:

Happy holidays and merry christmas to all!! :)

Much Love, Shely

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