December 3, 2009

My precious

You know what?

I'm not gonna write anything manly at all. Yes, go ahead and talk bad about me. Instead, let me just say something about life today. My life, of course. =)

Before I started working, I've always been rambling about how much I wanted to work coz it'd give me the income I need during the holidays so that I could shop, shop and shop. I wanted to work so much it's ridiculous. And now that I even think of it, I probably won't even have the time to shop since I'm always working. Hell, I won't even have time to properly do anything outside the office.

Suddenly, time is precious.

We all wish we could turn back time. It would be nice to start over again.

I used to lay in bed in the afternoons thinking of what I should do. Life. Is. Good. But that was then. As I've mentioned before, I start my work at 8am and finishes at 5pm. Now, I reach home after work at 6pm plus and I need the time to rest for a little while, have my shower and eat my dinner.

One look at the clock tells me that it is already 8pm.

Then there's bed at 10pm. I gotta sleep at 10pm or I'll collapse at work the next day. I need the sleep so any less and I'll go CRAZY.

Which means I only have 2 hours of freedom everyday whenever I work. From 8pm to 10pm.

That's quite a change from the life I had before I started working. Which is the reason why I want to further my studies if possible. I wanna postpone that working 'life' as far as possible.

Oh well, there's that. Here's some pictures for you which I found on Facebook. Sorry no links. =/

Modern style of walking the dog. LOL

Much Love, Shely

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