December 28, 2009

Too little too late

Let me get this straight.


I'm so sad I could die laughing... Okay, that sounded wrong but you get the gist.

3 more days before 2010 comes knocking on my window. What should I do?!? I think I should at least have a plan or something, maybe a New Year's resolution. Even though it never works...

Shely's New Year resolutions:

1) Get my driving lessons within the next 10 years. (That's sad.)

2) Own at least 10 different blushers.

3) Curl my hair at least twice.

4) Get in to UBD and go to UK in the third year. (Pleasseeee I want this!!)

5) Get a blackberry tour (Impossible)

6) Buy a blackberry casing (roughly USD 100) through luxaddiction.com after getting my blackberry. -.-"

7) Meet a vampire (If possible, I want it to be Eric Northman... Sigh... hehehe)

If you guys don't know, he's Alexander Skarsgard from the HBO series True Blood...

Okay I'll just let the pictures do their job:

Here's a scene from True blood when they're moving in on Lafayette, this guy whom they captured coz he's selling vampire blood. Lucky, lucky guy HAHAHA :P Anyway, look at that guy on the right! LOL

If you still have no idea who he is, you suck. Hahaha... He also stars in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi music video.

For those of you who watch True blood, I actually preferred him with Sookie instead of Bill. I think it's coz Bill seems kinda boring... at least to me, anyways.

The V-M Party will be on this saturday. Time really does fly... it only felt like yesterday when me and my friends were sitting on the P.S. area in school, talking about how much fun we're gonna have and what we're supposed to wear. Oh well, it was but a couple of months ago. Thank God Sharon got me the lower lashes before the party. =P Thanks!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to head to the city this Sunday. It's about time too. Been two long weeks since I last went for any shopping. It's like I'm suffering from the withdrawal symptoms which include nightmares, intense sweating, hyperventilating and the sudden urge to pee. Life sucks.

I wanted to watch this:

But then again, this seems pretty good too:

So which should it be? Give me a verdict. =/

Okay, I think I should stop the 'rambling' (as my cousin calls it. I call it blogging. =.=") for today. See ya!


Nice leh... Nyeh heh heh heh xDD

Much Love, Shely

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