September 26, 2010

Etude house and the Face Shop

Hey people!!

Ahh.. I love this weekend. Wanna know why...?

Okay, I have to admit. Some of these stuff aren't mine but that makes it all the way better. Sharing is caring! :PP And now I'll never run out of masks! And the face shop gave the cute navy blue bag for free too!

I feel like the exclamation marks just replaced all my full stops!

Pink membership. Kinda weird but whatever. =D

They said we can use it for our lips and cheek! So cute. I love the packaging! Ahhh I'm so excited!

Lip gloss. Love it coz it's non shimmery! Totally no sparkles or glitter whatsoever. Perfect.

Oh and we went to this restaurant and I ordered Strawberry with aloe Vera and they gave me this!

Cute max!! loves.

Another freebie! whoopie!

And before I forget, congrats to Shala for graduating from UBD! Finally, right?! :DD

Shala is such a poser. =,= Check her out HERE!


Time to pamper myself to death. Toodles!
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September 23, 2010

MAC Venomous Villians Collection

Hey people!

For those of you who keeps up with all the beauty videos on youtube will probably be quite familiar with what season they're in all year round. And of course, fall is coming again and not to mention... Halloween! Anyways I've catch wind of the latest MAC collection yet again and can't help but sob miserably every night before bed knowing that I won't even be able to get a whiff of these products.


MAC Venomous Villians Collection for Fall 2010.


Omfg you guys have to click on that link. It's the freakin' TRAILER for the cosmetics! Haha I don't know about you but this is definitely the first time I've seen people make trailers out of cosmetics! Movies, yeah of course but cosmetics?!? What has this world come to? Tsk. :PP

And just for the fun of it, here's some of their products from this collection. I must say, they look gorgeous!! loves.








Ahh.. that's about some of them. Haha.. God the nail lacquer is so purrdyyyy!! The eyeshadows tooooooo!! Oyeah before I go... another picture of me...teehee

one more, one more

okay. *satisfied*
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September 19, 2010

First Etude House visit

Hey People!

Finally, the holidays are upon me. But I've still got a gazillion things to do so this is definitely not one of those holidays which I can enjoy. Anyhoos, I stayed behind this week at the hostel till saturday and it was damn empty.

Cars all went home too.


Rain come visiting that night.

After MIB yesterday, Shala and dad came pick me up and I finally went to Times Square. I feel like I'm the last Bruneian who went there. -__- And it's still so empty. Skin food is next to the Face Shop which is a pretty sight. Haha.. Etude house should be placed beside them but it was on the first floor.

I think I like Etude house the best among the three korean cosmetics store just because they have more choices in eyeshadows, blushes, false eyelashes and stuff. They even sell under lash! But it's uber expensive at like BND10 per pair. I also like how they are selling matte eyeshadows as well as shimmery eyeshadows separately. And they're pretty cheap!

Guilty as charged haha

I only got two stuff coz I'm super broke right now. Still waiting for the allowance which never seems to be out... After that we just went ahead and had lunch. Whoopie.

nom nom... My fav. kind of tau fu!

Sweet and sour fish with fried veges.

Camwhoring while waiting for the food to come. It took forever!

These are what I got..

Etude house's crease brush

Which I think can double as a blending brush just because it's so fluffy. It felt super soft amazingly. I didn't even tried it when I got it, just took em off the shelf and paid for them. =/ Eventhough it feels soft to the touch, I tried it on my lids and it's still a little bit scratchy. In comparison to the Sigma SS239 that I have which feels totally soft and smooth on the lids.

But this one is OKlah. Still can use what.

Brown matte eyeshadow

It's actually a little bit darker but the flash washed it out a teeny bit. I like this coz it's matte. Been trying to find a decent brown matte eyeshadow for months now. I think I'm gonna get the Revlon's matte brown eyeshadow too.. someday.

Revlon matte eyeshadow in Rich Sable

What I like about brown eyeshadow is how wearable they are. I can use them everyday and it won't look stupid on me like sky blue or rich green does. Plus you can use them on your brows if you find a suitable brown for them. :P Two in one!

I feel so satisfied after purchasing those two items coz it's been forever since I actually bought something! Maybe that's because it's either I don't really have anything that I wanted to buy (YEAH RIGHT) or Brunei don't freaking sell em!!

Okay last photo

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September 13, 2010



Don't you just hate it when you're enjoying the holidays and time seems to fly by without you even noticing? Only when you have absolutely nothing to do you'll feel like time got stuck. Or your clock's not working.


I've been wanting to try out the Skin 79's Hot Pink BB cream but I haven't got the chance to buy it. I did try it though I must say it feels and looks almost exactly the same as their VIP Gold BB cream. So I don't know what's the difference between those two.
Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream

Skin79's VIP Gold BB Cream

I initially wanted to try tinted moisturizers but as usual it's almost impossible to find them in Brunei so I'm contemplating about turning to BB creams. As long as it's not as thick as normal foundation which can be kinda too thick for my taste. I tried some drugstore ones and they just look cakey and thick and disgusting on me. Ughhh!

So I've been browsing some online stores lately... and man... they should really open up more cosmetics stores in Brunei! I mean, all we've got are The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Etude House (Thank God we added another one) and Paloma which sells ELF cosmetics. And of course, Lancome and the usual drugstore cosmetics. I think I'll be a rich woman if I open up a MAC store here in Brunei. Eseh hahaha! Since for now the only way to get it is by flying or have someone fly the stuff to you through Fedex or whatever.

Even other simple drugstore products like Gosh, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Wet N' Wild, Sonia Kashuk, Mary Kay, Physicians Formula and tonnnsss of others also don't have. So saddddd. But what I really feel like trying is the Kat Von D and the Naked Palette which GWYNH online store sells for BND82 . %*&^%$#

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Oh, and also the new Urban Decay Primer Potion in Professional size! Super nice packaging and user-friendly tube!


Ah... this post turned out to be another one of those where I rant about things I can't have. Boo hoo! Oh well, like they always say: When life gives you lemon, just shut up and eat your damn lemons!

Cute quote I found. ;D
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September 7, 2010

Purrdy things.

Gosh I think there's something wrong with me. The wind came blowing by and whoosh! I was struck by the idea that I kinda liked the new...

Iphone 4!


Shala thinks I caught the Iphone 4 fever along with the rest of Brunei. I bet there are several hundreds of people on the waiting list of AV all waiting for their pretty little phone while I sit here, sulking about it coz I can't afford one. Whoever who's the same age as me who can afford one is probably using their parents' money OR their saved up money. I think I will hate those who use their parents' money more. =P

Sigh... Why life so unfair??! FFF!!


AV Price list (BND)

IPhone 3GS (8GB) - $898
IPhone 4 (16GB) - $1038
IPhone 4 (32GB) - $1198

I shouldn't even be thinking about this now. Exams are coming up and I'm so screwed. Hm... I do think that I'll be getting the Urban Decay Naked Palette though. :P That's more possible that IPhone 4. Lol. *cries*

Aarrghh I haven't been taking any pictures lately. I'm just not that kinda
person to randomly take out my lousy phone camera and snap snap snap. Maybe I should learn to do that more often than googling images and putting them up here coz I kinda hate seeing WORDSSS all the time. :P

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September 2, 2010

Cosmetic stores

Hey people!!

I guess you girlies have probably heard by now that Etude house is coming to Brunei! Finally... But where's MAC?? They should open a MAC store first instead of etude house. =/

Guess that's how it looks like.

Nevertheless I'm quite excited about it as I have a feeling the store's gonna be as cute as their products. Though in general, I've never been too keen on asian cosmetic products... They should open Ulta or something here.








and of course... Target. Teehee If I'm not mistaken they carry a lot of drugstore products like Sonia Kashuk, Covergirl, E.L.F., Physicians Formula, Eco Tools, and all the other good stuff. :D


I swear I MUST go to these stores before I'm dead. I bet there are a lot more stores but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Okay...I think I'm done complaining. Da!

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