September 7, 2010

Purrdy things.

Gosh I think there's something wrong with me. The wind came blowing by and whoosh! I was struck by the idea that I kinda liked the new...

Iphone 4!


Shala thinks I caught the Iphone 4 fever along with the rest of Brunei. I bet there are several hundreds of people on the waiting list of AV all waiting for their pretty little phone while I sit here, sulking about it coz I can't afford one. Whoever who's the same age as me who can afford one is probably using their parents' money OR their saved up money. I think I will hate those who use their parents' money more. =P

Sigh... Why life so unfair??! FFF!!


AV Price list (BND)

IPhone 3GS (8GB) - $898
IPhone 4 (16GB) - $1038
IPhone 4 (32GB) - $1198

I shouldn't even be thinking about this now. Exams are coming up and I'm so screwed. Hm... I do think that I'll be getting the Urban Decay Naked Palette though. :P That's more possible that IPhone 4. Lol. *cries*

Aarrghh I haven't been taking any pictures lately. I'm just not that kinda
person to randomly take out my lousy phone camera and snap snap snap. Maybe I should learn to do that more often than googling images and putting them up here coz I kinda hate seeing WORDSSS all the time. :P

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