September 19, 2010

First Etude House visit

Hey People!

Finally, the holidays are upon me. But I've still got a gazillion things to do so this is definitely not one of those holidays which I can enjoy. Anyhoos, I stayed behind this week at the hostel till saturday and it was damn empty.

Cars all went home too.


Rain come visiting that night.

After MIB yesterday, Shala and dad came pick me up and I finally went to Times Square. I feel like I'm the last Bruneian who went there. -__- And it's still so empty. Skin food is next to the Face Shop which is a pretty sight. Haha.. Etude house should be placed beside them but it was on the first floor.

I think I like Etude house the best among the three korean cosmetics store just because they have more choices in eyeshadows, blushes, false eyelashes and stuff. They even sell under lash! But it's uber expensive at like BND10 per pair. I also like how they are selling matte eyeshadows as well as shimmery eyeshadows separately. And they're pretty cheap!

Guilty as charged haha

I only got two stuff coz I'm super broke right now. Still waiting for the allowance which never seems to be out... After that we just went ahead and had lunch. Whoopie.

nom nom... My fav. kind of tau fu!

Sweet and sour fish with fried veges.

Camwhoring while waiting for the food to come. It took forever!

These are what I got..

Etude house's crease brush

Which I think can double as a blending brush just because it's so fluffy. It felt super soft amazingly. I didn't even tried it when I got it, just took em off the shelf and paid for them. =/ Eventhough it feels soft to the touch, I tried it on my lids and it's still a little bit scratchy. In comparison to the Sigma SS239 that I have which feels totally soft and smooth on the lids.

But this one is OKlah. Still can use what.

Brown matte eyeshadow

It's actually a little bit darker but the flash washed it out a teeny bit. I like this coz it's matte. Been trying to find a decent brown matte eyeshadow for months now. I think I'm gonna get the Revlon's matte brown eyeshadow too.. someday.

Revlon matte eyeshadow in Rich Sable

What I like about brown eyeshadow is how wearable they are. I can use them everyday and it won't look stupid on me like sky blue or rich green does. Plus you can use them on your brows if you find a suitable brown for them. :P Two in one!

I feel so satisfied after purchasing those two items coz it's been forever since I actually bought something! Maybe that's because it's either I don't really have anything that I wanted to buy (YEAH RIGHT) or Brunei don't freaking sell em!!

Okay last photo

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