September 13, 2010



Don't you just hate it when you're enjoying the holidays and time seems to fly by without you even noticing? Only when you have absolutely nothing to do you'll feel like time got stuck. Or your clock's not working.


I've been wanting to try out the Skin 79's Hot Pink BB cream but I haven't got the chance to buy it. I did try it though I must say it feels and looks almost exactly the same as their VIP Gold BB cream. So I don't know what's the difference between those two.
Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream

Skin79's VIP Gold BB Cream

I initially wanted to try tinted moisturizers but as usual it's almost impossible to find them in Brunei so I'm contemplating about turning to BB creams. As long as it's not as thick as normal foundation which can be kinda too thick for my taste. I tried some drugstore ones and they just look cakey and thick and disgusting on me. Ughhh!

So I've been browsing some online stores lately... and man... they should really open up more cosmetics stores in Brunei! I mean, all we've got are The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Etude House (Thank God we added another one) and Paloma which sells ELF cosmetics. And of course, Lancome and the usual drugstore cosmetics. I think I'll be a rich woman if I open up a MAC store here in Brunei. Eseh hahaha! Since for now the only way to get it is by flying or have someone fly the stuff to you through Fedex or whatever.

Even other simple drugstore products like Gosh, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Wet N' Wild, Sonia Kashuk, Mary Kay, Physicians Formula and tonnnsss of others also don't have. So saddddd. But what I really feel like trying is the Kat Von D and the Naked Palette which GWYNH online store sells for BND82 . %*&^%$#

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Oh, and also the new Urban Decay Primer Potion in Professional size! Super nice packaging and user-friendly tube!


Ah... this post turned out to be another one of those where I rant about things I can't have. Boo hoo! Oh well, like they always say: When life gives you lemon, just shut up and eat your damn lemons!

Cute quote I found. ;D
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