December 8, 2009

Good to be back

Hey people!! I really wanna know what my friends are up to these days because I've been MIA alot nowadays. So how you been doing??

If you read my earlier post, I mentioned that I ordered some Essence of Beauty brushes. The person who ordered it for me told me that it will arrive on the last week of November. It's already the 8th of December dude... Ah well, at least there's still time to save some $$!

After a lil' over one week, I finally got to go on a lunch date with a colleague. Apparently we have the same lunch time. Haha I didn't even notice that! Went to Wing Soon restaurant a.g.a.i.n. I feel like there's gonna be at least a hundred more trips to that restaurant as long as I'm still working in that company.

Before that I either ate alone or with my sister. When I said alone, I mean it.

Yeah, alone as in only me in the entire fast food restaurant.

My humble lunch. (I was broke.)

Last Sunday I was able to spend some precious time with my dad, bro and Shala and we went to watch 2012! Finally, I know. Haha well, at least I watched it! I asked my dad to rank it and he gave it a whooping 9/10. Generous much, dad? :D I'd give it a 7/10. The effects were pretty good!


After that we had steamboat for lunch. It was alright for me but the waitresses looked at us weird and we found out that it was because it was 30 minutes before closing and they wanted to get off work ASAP. I don't blame them though.

Oh oh! The other day I was making lunch at home and look what I found:

Twins!!! Haha :P

I've also started watching True Blood. Bought the DVD the other day and so far I've only watched 1 episode and I noticed that it is very different with the one I watch on TV! LOL The TV version censored sex scenes. Doh. Good thing they did coz my lil' bro loves watching it HAHA xD He thought it was just a regular innocent TV series. Anyway who cares what he thinks?!?!? :P

Speaking of my lil bro, he bought this recently:

Yeah, the WORLD'S softest clay. =.="

My bro's version.

My version. HAHAHA xD

Much Love, Shely

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