February 1, 2012

Lush Cosmetics: Mint Julips Lip Scrub

How often do you exfoliate your lips? I have always wanted to try out lip scrubs after realizing those things actually do exist. Before that I thought there are only products which exfoliates your skin and not your lips. What I always did is to use a wet tissue and rub my lips with them. That's obviously plausible but where's the fun in that??

I have searched high and low in Brunei for lip scrubs and I even went to The Body Shop and all those other cosmetics stores but I still haven't been able to find one. So I guess it's either they don't exist here or I didn't search hard enough. As a consumer (ehem) I don't think products should be THIS inaccessible so I'm assuming they don't sell them here.

Lucky for me I finally got my hands on Lush's lip scrub called Mint Julips!

Mint Julips: Peppermint and Chocolate lip scrub

This product is so cute it's Okay if you don't even use it as long as you have it on your desk for display wtf

Mint Julips: Peppermint and Chocolate lip scrub

Lush Cosmetics is well known for their organic and vegan products and this particular one is no different. This vegan lip scrub is infused with yummy sounding ingredients like Vanilla Extract, Peppermint Oil, Castor Sugar and Organic Jojoba Oil!

It doesn't really melt on your lips so you can scrub them on real good before taking (or licking) them off. I can't help but taste this and its really sweet tasting! If I were to describe the scent I'd say it smelled quite strongly of mint. But the overall scent reminds me of mint chocolate! Yummy...!


Mint Julips: Peppermint and Chocolate lip scrub

I've used this for around 4-5 times and the jar is still full! Literally full to the very top of the jar, no kidding man. You'd really get your money's worth for this product. The Mint Julips lip scrub retails for £4.95. The only way I know how you can get this is through the Lush UK website here. They ship internationally!

Of course if you don't wanna bother yourself with so much trouble there's always the DIY method. Check out Michelle Phan's video on how to DIY: lip scrub here!


  1. if this is available in Brunei, it would definitely be a big hit, too may good reviews about Lush! i'd definitely want to try something chocolate-y :D


  2. yeah def! it'd be awesome if these were available in brunei!

  3. Awww I'm moving to Brunei in July! Wishing I can keep getting all the Lush products that I love overthere!! As far as I know the only option seems to be ordering the shop in Malaysia. They ship to Brunei too.



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