February 26, 2012

Room decorative pieces and The Hunger Games!

My sister Shala has been sprucing up her bedroom lately and I think I've been infected by her decorative mode. I've always enjoyed watching room tours on youtube especially those who really put an effort towards decorating. I know for one Elle from Allthatglitters21 is very much into room decoration but there are also others which are very good!




Don't we all wish we have the room space to put whatever furniture we wanted in our bedroom and also having various types of furniture to choose from? Most of the time we have to work with whatever space we have and we don't have the luxury of choosing delicate pieces or whatnot because it's not practical to have them in the room. Plus it'll look out of place too. Sometimes. Unless your room looks like the ones above which means you are a lucky b*tch and I hate you wtf

Anyways I went to WW Mart at Citis Square yesterday and saw that they were selling these decorative pillows for only BND$3.90! Before this I was thinking of buying them for my bed and saw that Hua Ho is selling for more than BND$10 for one! I mean sure, of course the ones in Hua Ho are of better quality and stuff but really, I wanted to buy them just for decoration so of course I'd go for the cheaper alternative. Maybe when I'm older I'd go for more expensive ones but for now I'm surviving on a student's budget! lol

Plus the ones sold in WW Mart have different designs, colors and textures depending on your taste and they also sell the cases for the decorative pillows which comes in different colors and designs as well. In case you don't like the original.

Grey decorative pillows from WW Mart

I think decorative pillows are a great way to give your room a more 'put together' look. I used to like really loud colors for my bedding like bright pink or bright anything. Now I just want it to look like the ones you see in the magazine T__T

Also recently I got this in Sengkurong for half its price and had it put up in my room! Love that the painting is in 3D. The only downside is that this piece is extremely heavy I don't wanna put it on the wall over my bed because I'm afraid it'll fall down in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping and ruin my face. Not a pretty sight.

Bought this one yesterday! I really like this painting. I've actually seen images of this on the internet so I'm guessing that they just print it off the internet and made it into a painting? No idea. I'm so glad I found it!

These are a few of the ones that Shala got for her room. I think they're not bad, but I still like mine better! har har har :p

On a random note, I finally got the first book to The Hunger Games Trilogy! So relieved that I booked this beforehand because I went to Time Square's Best Eastern and initially wanna pick up the book there but they were sold out! Then went to The Mall's branch where they told me the book was reserved there. The saleslady told me I was lucky I reserved it because it was sold out there too! I've just started reading this last night and am liking it so far!


  1. Lovely interior designing!
    Im really enjoy the Hunger games series too!

  2. The room pics are awesome! I've been wanting to read that trilogy but just have not had the time- hopefully you enjoy it!



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