February 10, 2012

Etude House: Lipgloss

So I recently went in to Etude House in Seria and I picked up two lipglosses. I had discounts off then because it was still during the Salebration which has been going on nationwide.

Etude House lipglosses in
Moon Crystal Power and Roll Roll Gloss

Gosh the names they give their lipglosses. smh. They sound like what Sailormoon would say lol "Moon... Crystal... POWER!!!" Maybe that's what Sailormoon uses?

Etude House lipglosses in
Roll Roll Gloss and Moon Crystal Power swatches

Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in Tomato Jelly Latte

I really like this one! It has a juicy orange tint with a pretty decent pigmentation. I've been looking for a color like this and am so glad when I found it in Etude House. I think they have the best range of lipglosses! Nudes, Pinks, Beiges, Oranges, Purples, sparkly, non-sparkly, they have it all! I can just stand there and swatch them on my arm for an hour without even realising it.

I also like that it's not too sticky like how some lipglosses can get. I have long hair and it's a pain in the ass when my hair gets stuck on my lips. The only downside to this product is the applicator. It has a rounded applicator which looks very cute but unfortunately it makes putting on the product difficult because of the rounded edges. Somehow I always draw out of the line of my lips with this. Also, this product goes on blotchy with the applicator but you can easily fix that by rubbing your sexy lips together oh yeah wtf

Etude House Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in Tomato Jelly Latte lip swatch

Moon Crystal Power lipgloss in Purply Holy Beam

This one looked so pretty swatched! The gloss is purplish with tons of sparkles to it. I feel like a kid whenever I put this on lol However the brush applicator is so tiny it takes time to fill in your lips with the product! So what I normally do is apply this just on the center of my lips to give it a more dimensional look.

I like the color but it's not my favorite lipgloss. It's also very sticky by the way.

Etude House Moon Crystal Power lipgloss in Purply Holy Beam lip swatch

If I'm not mistaken these retails for only a little above BND$10 each. I actually paid only a few dollars for the Moon Crystal Power lipgloss because they were 50% off then. Overall I really like their lipglosses because they have a good range of colors and there are so many different formulations to them it's hard not to find something you'd like. I say go try them out if you haven't already! :)

xx, Shely


  1. ooo! I have the Roll Roll Lipgloss too, and I even reviewed it a couple of days before and yes, I dislike their round applicator too! :D


  2. Wow, they look incredible. :0 Tomato jelly looks goooorgeous! Too bad applicator is bad. :(

  3. @imah: ahh just read your review! good one! :D

    @amy: yeah i love the orange one! true, if only they'd use the normal doe foot applicator...

  4. The reason for the founded applicator (and the name "roll roll gloss") is because the applicator... well... rolls. You're supposed to 'roll' the lipgloss onto your lips. My friend and I each have one, and we love it! We're very sad that they discontinued it.

  5. @Han isit?? Hah i really gotta try that out then! :)) maybe rolling will be easier



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