February 13, 2012

My rook piercing experience!

I don't know when I started wanting to have a rook piercing but what I know is that I have wanted to have it done for at least... half a year now? It was always "I'll get it done the next time I go down to Miri." But when I'm at Miri I'll think "Okay, maybe next time." lol Then I saw this blog post by Orchid row (link in the side bar!) talking about DesireSuicide Piercing who offers to pierce your lips, ears and face. Was so glad to have found her because do you know how almost impossible it is to find shops you trust in Brunei to do your body piercings??

The last time I tried to do a sided labret piercing, the piercer used a piercing gun! On my lips! I didn't know then but I found out soon enough that those piercing guns are actually only meant for the ear lobes. wtfff luckily I didn't screw up my lips.

Anyways. I did some reading on the lady and read that she had a medical background so I guess I trusted her instincts and decided to contact her. Made a few arrangements and bobbity-bop, we're ready to do it!

So many varieties of barbells and studs to choose from!

Decided to go for this rounded barbell

All the equipments she used are sterilized including that blue sheet of paper!

She started working on my ear and initially tried using a curved needle because... I forgot the reason. Maybe it's coz the barbell I choose is curved... or something.

Before piercing my ear, she coated the needle with this gel thingy which is used as a soothing gel for the piercing. You can also get your ears ice-sprayed for numbness if you want to. But that will cost you BND$5. So I opted out lol I mean, maybe I have a highter threshold for pain or something but it really doesn't bother me if it's painful or not.

When she wanted to insert the barbell she realised that the needle is too small for the barbell to fit (I think) so it was taken out and we tried once more with the regular straight needle which is a tad larger than this curved one.

After the second time, it came out Okay. Yay!

There was a bit of blood of course... But it was all good. I'm really happy with it. It has been about a week now since the piercing and the area has swollen a little but that's only natural. Can't wait for it to heal so that I can change the barbell! But I'd have to find a place that sells them first :/

As for the pain, I'd say 3/10. Only because she pierced my ear twice. :p It's not painful really, more like discomfort. It feels 'tight' when the piercing was done. But everything will be over before you even realise it so... no complains here lol

My new rook piercing!

Going to get a piercing on any parts of your body is not like regular 'shopping'. It's definitely on a more personal level where you'd have to at least get to know a little something about the person who pierced you and stuff. It's almost the same as getting a tattoo done. So if you ever wanna get some piercing done, do your research!

By the way, I did the rook piercing for BND$40. Pretty decent price if you ask me because I know how expensive it can be especially when you're doing it overseas!

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Check DesireSuicide Piercing out on facebook here!

P/s: I'm not encouraging anyone to get any piercings done. I'm just sharing my experience! :))

xx, Shely


  1. I wanted to get one of these so bad years ago and I stopped myself because I thought it would hurt too much lol. Looks awesome!!

  2. @iridescent colors: haha the piercing itself is not painful, but the healing process can be a bit of a pain in the ass. I miss sleeping on my left side! lol

  3. wow..! i like it, it seems good..!

  4. Hi, it's been about two weeks since your piercing, how's the healing process? I am very interested in getting the rook piercing, but not a lot of places do them, even the places in Singapore!

  5. @Dee It's healing pretty well! The swelling has gone down quite a bit too. Haven't completely healed though, might take a month or two. :)

  6. Can you describe the pain like when the needle went through ur cartilage

    1. It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be, just a sharp tug and like I said, a 'tight' feeling due to the needle pushing against the wound..

  7. Wow I love it! I really want to get a piercing this one looks so cool and if it's true that it didn't hurt that much that's awesome!!

    Looks really cute on you!



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