February 7, 2012

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Are you big on concealers? I have only tried a couple of concealers before. The Face Shop's stick concealer and Maybelline's Angel Fit Perfect Concealer. TFS's stick concealer is extremely dry for my face let alone for my under eye area where all the dark shadows come out and play wtf. It did nothing for me so I decided to try a liquid concealer instead and I chose Maybelline's which unfortunately, doesn't cover enough.

I guess after that I never bothered to try out other brands after failing to find one that suits me two times in a row. It was then I saw a lot of you tube gurus talking about this seemingly amazing concealer from Revlon but it wasn't available yet here.

That was ages ago I think because Revlon's Photo Ready Concealer finally found its way to Brunei! Ugh FINALLY.

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

I first saw it when Shala came back bearing this purchase, telling me how the sales lady persuaded her into trying this product out. I grabbed one myself the next time I went out because I was that curious about it and also kinda desperate at that point. lol

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Medium

I got the one in Medium. If I'm not mistaken there are only 3 shades to this concealer; light, medium and dark. Maybe those are all that we need here in Brunei?

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

As expected, this concealer is extremely creamy and doesn't cake up on my skin at all! I use it to cover the redness around my chin and lips and it's pretty much full coverage!

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer swatched and blended out

For the under eye area I just use the regular patting motion to 'push' the product into my skin. I try not to rub them in because the skin around this area is really thin and delicate and I already have eye bags to worry about. Having even BIGGER eye bags are the last thing I need!!

I really do like this concealer. It works well and isn't that pricey at all! It retails for BND$16.90. Try this out if you're looking for a concealer that performs. ;)


  1. interesting! though me and TFS's concealer stick are bestfriends, this might be another good option. Does it last long on you?

  2. @imah i see! To each her own i guess ;) yeah this revlon one lasts a pretty good amount of time. As long as i needed it to last anyway haha but to be specific id say a good 4-6 hours of wear.

  3. Hey Shely You should try TBS's Flawless Skin Protecting stick concealer! Its like my must-have product right now! haha

  4. Yes I have tried this and I love it. My favorite is by MAC but i take this. It works well!

  5. @sinyee: Will check it out! Thanks babe for the info :D

    @looms: agreed!!!

  6. I can't live without concealer! I swatched this when I saw it guardian the other day but I thought it looked dry-ish? and it also settled into fine lines. It's quite pigmented though and I'd use it to cover blemishes and scars but probably not for my under eye. I stick with my bobbi brown for that job hehe

  7. @Dini: I've heard a lot about the bobbi brown concealer! It must be pretty amazing ahh wish I could try that one out!



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