August 31, 2008

Yawn @.@

I finished using my next week's allowance at bandar today with sharon, shala and ah fung. we went to giant first coz i wanna try the sizzling mee there. man... it makes me miss seria foodstall's kolomee. for those of you who haven't tried it yet, don't. it kinda stinks real bad too..like the burnt smell.. and too salty.. and dry. -.-'' then we just jalan jalan there.. its so crowded man. coz i think this month's salary is out already.

And the grand sale has started too. The things they sell at Ego is quite cheap, including Bingo. Also very crowded. There are so many groups of people wearing all black. Its like someone just passed away or what. -.-'' I know you guys just wanna look cool and stuff but please la.. black is not the only colour you can choose from. So lame.

Went to chong hock again.. muahahaha each of us bought 5dvds so there's like more than 20+ movies waiting for me right now. Please let the holidays come quicker!

Oh yeah. i was praying that there'd be puasa tomorrow but i guess not coz my dad says that its the first day of the month in the chinese calendar. Did you know that you will not be able to see the moon on the first day of the month in the chinese calendar? I'm not sure why but that's how it goes. so.. yeah. i havent do my maths homework and its already 11.43pm. and i need to hand it in first thing in the morning at school. And i haven't do my GP research. tiu..(walao, until that also come out. =P)

why is my life so screwed up? sigh.. i'm going to bed now. and i pray to god that i'll get a good night's sleep. IF i'm able to sleep. SIGH.. ciao.

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