August 5, 2008

Through my eyes


Life for me during my lower secondary years was very uneventful. During form 1, I had to swat mosquitoes from time to time in my classroom early in the morning as my class back then was on the ground floor and the mosquitoes were practically all over the place. Form 2 come and go quickly, but it’s the year where I have this crush on a senior. (Now that I think of it, I have no idea why I like him in the first place -_-“) Sat for the PMB examination in form 3, it’s the year when I had a long-distance online relationship with this guy from Taiwan. (Have no idea where the hell he is now.) I guess we were just trying it out for fun =_=. My family bought me my first hp when I was in form 4. I was so happy then. Form 5 was a blast! I became closer with my childhood friend a.k.a Fatin (I remember playing skipping with her back in primary 2! =D), along with a few of the rest.lol.. Its also the year where I bought my second hp, and… achieve acceptable O’level results! Damn… miss those moments most. =)

Nevertheless, it wasn’t perfect. Just like any other person’s life, my life has been stained by people who ruin other people’s life. Just for the laughs of it. Yeah, believe me, such people do exist. And believe it or not, she’s been around since forever and she’s still here. Sometimes I got so sick of her I get bored. If one day you’re walking and you heard someone laughing (at people) behind you, then it’s her. No one else mocks people the way she does.

I bought Stephen another gift. (Other than the one you use to scratch your back). Haha… cause the more I think of it, that pressie really sucked- big time. So…yeah. Another gift it is.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to cope with maths anymore. Mechanics… man…just not my thing. Ugh, I hate it! Plus, there’s also the fact that I didn’t take Physics this year. My sis told me Pre-u math is a piece of cake. Ms.Tham was her teacher back then and she used to sleep during her class. And here I was hoping that “Great minds think alike”. But I guess not.

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