August 12, 2008

Why should I?


An Enemy knows no boundary. They take away things that belong to us. Yet, sometimes the true enemy could end up being one of your closest families. Today, I’m going to write a lil’ something based on a true story which happened more than a decade ago.

He was described as polite and well-mannered. Like a real gentleman. Unlike the usual man who talks too loud or tell lame jokes. She, on the other hand, was just an ordinary teenage girl who lives an ordinary life.

The story starts in a simple Chinese school in Belait. He was her best friend and she was his. They were inseparable and no one has ever seen him without her or her without him. They could be seen hovering over home works or assignments in the morning, walking and eating together in the school canteen and the girl would always go to his house just to hang out with him.

Over at his house, there is also, obviously, his family who lives there. Which include his brother. She was practically like family to him and his family. Naturally, she would chat away with his brother too.

Nevertheless, constant visits from the girl started to stir up some feelings from deep within the brother’s heart as he found himself strongly attracted to her. She too, felt the same way about him. Slowly but surely, the regular exchange of words between the brother and the girl would be accompanied by hints of flirt.

What the girl did not know is that her best friend is also in love with her. Being her best friend makes him happy but he knew that it wasn’t enough. He wanted it to be more than that. Can you picture a love triangle forming? I thought it was like that too.

Sure, he loves her unconditionally. But as he stared into the girl’s eye, he saw that twinkle which would only appear when you are in love. Yes, she’s in love. But not with him. She had fallen in love with his brother. He knew that his brother also have a thing for her. So, with a heavy heart, he decided not to trouble her again. The two best friends then started to drift apart. And not long after, his brother confessed to the girl and they became a couple.

He knew that he won’t be able to face them without breaking his heart all over again. He then lied to his family and friends that he wanted to go overseas to continue his studies. When the truth is that he wanted to get as far away as possible. So far away so that he won’t be able to see the girl of his dreams in the arms of another man. His brother, being the man, makes it even harder for him to bear.

So off he goes, to the other side of the world where he now became part of a religious group. He considered his home country a place where his heart shattered forever. And till this day, he never came back.


You know, I nearly cried when someone told me this story. I noticed that falling in love with your best friend can be expected but you would never know whether he/she, likes you the same way or not. Take this story for example, the guy backs off and let his brother be with her coz he can see that the girl is also attracted to him and he just let her. Some people would just seize the girl before their brother could take hold of her. Know what I meant?

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