August 1, 2008

Nasi kangkang

I think i'll be talking about black magic today. yeap. nasi kangkang. me and my friend happen to stumble upon this topic when we were 'nattering'. uiseh, i'm using a new vocab! =P anyways, here's how it works:

usually used by wives with bad intention who wanted to control her husband. by using this nasi kangkang thing, the husband will listen to whatever orders given by the wife. this could lead to the husband being a dumb and stupid person (direct translation from malay)

in order to make nasi kangkang for the husband, the wife would squat over freshly cooked rice, letting the wap reach her private parts (this is the MOST disgusting thing i've ever heard) and would then sweat and the vapour would fall back onto the rice. meanwhile, a bomoh would continuously recite some stuff. the nasi kangkang is then served to the husband.

amazing, huh? i mean, who the hell invented these kinda things?? they're so desperate! and disgusting! i cant help wondering though.... what if the wife is having her period... would the rice be red? yuck! LOL

anyways, i finally went to the perayaan. haha and its about time they close down their stores. i think this year is worst than last year.. they shouldn't separate the stalls. for me lah.. XP saw some smsaians, as usual.. and there's this 'gang' of guys who wore ALL black and caps. there's about 10+ of them. its really funny seeing them coz they seem to think that they are the coolest thing around. the way they walk and stuff. haha..

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