July 30, 2008

Learn new words!

French kiss- noun- a kiss made with your mouths open and with your tongues touching.
(saw this with my 1st flip of the dictionary =P)

lovelorn- adjective- sad because the person you love does not love you.
(happens to everyone)

maraschino- noun- a sweet alcoholic drink made from a type of black cherry.

mastectomy- noun- a medical operation to remove a breast.
(only 1 breast, huh? that'd be wierd haha)

doppelganger- noun- an imaginary spirit that looks exactly like a living person.

ostentation- noun- when you deliberately try to show how rich or clever you are, in order to make them admire you.

nuzzle- verb- to gently rub or press your nose or head against someone to show you like them.

natter- verb- to talk for a long time about unimportant things.
(kinda like what i do everyday -.-'')

murderess- noun- a woman who murders another person.
(is this necessary?!)

matricide- noun- the crime of murdering your mother.
(wow... i didn't know they had a name for these kinda things.)

man-eater- noun- a woman who people think is frightening because she has many sexual partners.

hoi polloi- noun- an insulting word for ordinary people.
(sounds like oi, palui! lol)

caricature- noun- a funny drawing of someone that makes them look silly.

phantasmagoria- noun- a confused, changing, strange scene, like something from a dream.

parry- verb- to defend yourself against someone who is attacking you by pushing their weapon or hand to one side.

-courtesy of longman dictionary-

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