July 3, 2008

tennis player's blog

i found rafael nadal's blog!! wohoo~ yayy!! hee^^ its very interesting for me coz err.. its rafael nadal man! i think he really have a passion for football.. and i totally respect that. he also talk about his life outside the court and also his opinion on things. btw, did i mention that rafael nadal is a tennis player. just in case...above all, he update it nearly everyday! XD so happie! i'm still a fan of federer though, don't worry..=D

okay, lets talk about my life now. today i have 2 PS coz there's no eco class.. oyeah, its syahida's bday today so... happy birthday to u =) and guess what.. i brought my sponge(for washing face) to school today without even knowing it until i took it out from my pocket, mistaking it for my tissue!! T.T so embarassing hahaha i was like, huh?! blue colour?! round?? and spongy?!! omg... =/

went to seria after school just to go to this boutique. not really boutique, just selling clothes. yen lee. some of u gals out there probably know what i'm talking about. anyways, they're having a sale. 20%-50% off. anyone interested can just shake their bootylicious butt n strut into the shop like they rule the world. what the hell am i talking about anyway?


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