July 21, 2008

The dark knight

you can read this as the continuation of the last post.

so me and my sis, shala and sharon really went to bandar. shala even booked tickets first.. just in case. we watched the dark knight at the 1st cinema and man, its a full house. the guy who passed away, the joker, is only 28! and i thought he's 50+.. they really use the magic of make-up. bravo, bravo.

before that, we saw kaeli and lih ping at the arcade. they played the 'grab the prizes' thing and won 2 of em! i decided to try my luck too.. coz i wanted that garaa doll.. and i end up wasting more than $5 and winning nothing. T.T no luck eh.. now, i swear to god that i'll go back there another time and win the dollies. i'll get u dollies!! =.=

i bought this ghost movie, in the mirror. hope it could make me scream =D i wanna scream muahahaha.. shala bought CJ7, i am legend, matrix reloaded, matrix revolution and the prince and the pauper. all for $10 only. and the quality's quite good. lelong, lelong!! who want to buy good quality and cheap dvds go chong hock there buy! cheap and satisfying..(i hope! haha)

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