July 26, 2008


Right now, i'm on the verge of tearing myself apart. i hate my life!

okay, lets move on. my sis is really interested in buying in a new car and naturally, we're all excited for her. she likes the latest toyota corolla. hope she'll be able to buy it soon... the white one really kills =D

tomorrow i'm going to bandar... wanna watch hellboy2. finally! lol.. wanna watch that for a long time already.

OYEAH! forgot something important. lol.. yesterday we had this gathering with our dear old friend, nurun! aww.. i just realises how much i miss her when we started talking =) well, i'm still jealous u could finish pre-u faster than us! hmph, don't wanna friend u anymore! =P thanx for everything hee.. i haven't grab hold of the pictures that we took at the beach and when i do, i'll surely post some of em here..=D we had a lot of fun but the chickens the guys pangganged are all black in colour -.-'' lol and its raining and the wind's blowing so strongly that some of our plates flew when we're still eating. try imagining yourself eating with a typhoon beside you and you'll get the idea. =D

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