July 20, 2008

gloomy day

I'm taking the clothes i ordered from mteeline today.. had to wake up at 6.30am coz we planned to meet at ogdc at 8am. now i'm having my breakfast at the oh-so-popular foodstalls in seria.

Here, i met an old-time enemy. -.-'' i never had enemies before but ever since i became close friend with this girl i know, my enemy list kept getting longer... lol.. its nothing bad though, having enemies are kinda fun coz you can roll your eyes at them, curse them behind their back and say bad things about them. okay, i know the last one sounds real bad but come to think of it, don't tell me you never say bad things about people.. that's bullshit. haha so, yeah. that's about it i guess..

i'm going to bandar later.. i hope T.T

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