July 24, 2008

stress much

Is there such thing as competing with your colleague to see who's the one who could finish teaching the syllabus first? excuse me, that's homicide. well, at least for us anyway. ive got so many homework right now, they're starting to attack my brain. its killing me! -.- me tired and homework active is not helping. so i decided to shut my brain down during math class. but the teacher noticed it lol.. this is what she thought she saw: me staring at the board seriously and looking very quiet. in fact, i was angan-anganing. as usual...T.T can't help it.

'I love you, you love me. We are happy family and a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too'
that's the song which has been on my mind for days. =D i think i should sing that whenever i saw someone i don't like. you know, self-control. try singing that through gritted teeth. haha

i forgot to bring some eco testpapers that the teacher told us to bring. at first, i was afraid to tell her. yes, afraid. i don't know why i'm afraid of her. lol.. i think its her facial expression. she seems as though she's having a bad hair day- everyday. imagine that. anyways, i went up to her and told her i'd bring it tomorrow and she just nodded without looking at me. scary~

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