July 9, 2008

Education or finance

i have heard from a few people that Pre-U education could get u a salary of nearly $2,000 each month. that is, provided that you found a really good place to work. for example BSP or some bank. and if ure given a chance to work with that kind of salary, would u take it? sounds tempting, isn't it?

the thing is, its great that you could study till u got your degree, or master or PhD or whatever. but in my opinion, it would be kinda tough to find a job if u have the title 'Dr' in your name. simply because most of the private companines don't necessarily need such highly qualified people. plus, they know you'd expect a jaw-dropping salary. makes sense, doesn't it? that is, unless u wanna work with the government or some other huge companies.

for me, i'd be happy just to get a degree. (if i'm able to go that far.) coz by the time i finish the degree (e.g. 4yrs), i would be in my early 20s. perfect time to start working and saving money to ensure a secured future. anyways, i wonder how my friends think about this.. i know some who'd really love to go furthur though. oh well, lets pray we'll all complete our A'levels in one piece before we think any furthur. XD

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