July 1, 2008


im so damn tired today. all because of wimbledon.

i stayed up late last night to watch it. till around 3.15am. then i woke up at 5.15am to get ready to school. barely 2hours of sleep. and its really taking a toll on my body. felt really tired n my eyes are really dry. they still are.. and i'm half-sleeping when i type this. hahah its so hard to stay awake in class. esp when the teacher's voice sounded like a lullaby to my ears.

usually, i reach school very early and i'd take out my hp n surf the internet. the speed's faster in the morning. and as usual, i surf again this morning in my register class. i was facing the window with my hp totally exposed when this strict looking teacher passed by all of a sudden. looking straight at me and the gadget in my hands. unbelievably, he just passed by as if he's blind and has no idea i was even there. pure luck i guess. anyway, i dont think the stupid rule about not bringing hp to school works. its so ridiculous. everyone knows their peers brought hps and mp3s to school every single fcuking day.

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