July 12, 2008


finally... after waiting for more than a year, my CPU is revived. it is ready for its next battle. the battle of life and death... where it will fight till the very end with its master who torture it by stuffing tons of mp3s and junks into its memory.. just like a virus. The CPU will have no other choice but to summon its firewall, trying with all its might to resist its master. the master then shove the mp3s into the CPU's throat..just in time for the CPU to realise that firewalls are meant for viruses(?).. not its master. its too late. okay, whatever..

i'm sorry i didnt post any pictures at all. i dont have the time, or the PC to do it. but now that the CPU's repaired, i guess i'll upload some pix ASAP.

I watched the doll master a few days ago. yeah, i know its not a new movie but ive been wanting to watch it for years. so, i watch. anyways, it was so... so.. sad! scary in some ways, but the last part was totally heartbreaking. T.T made me cry like a baby.. XD go ahead and watch it if u haven't =) its a nice one

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